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Professional development programs

The Learning Health System Academy  is our flagship professional development program. Over the course of a year, Academy Fellows gain skills in using routinely collected clinical data to generate new knowledge, and in designing and implementing digital solutions to real clinical problems. Fellows work in learning communities that include technical experts and mentors, extending their ability to be future leaders in the digital transformation of healthcare. Applicants need endorsement from their employing organisation to undertake a 12 month program comprising of 8 weeks of course-work and an 8-month workplace-based project.

Our Learning Health System program is also offered as a 12-week online professional development course, Applied Learning Health System short course, without a workplace-based project component, twice each year. Our programs are certified by CHIA for 20 CPD points.

The Learning Health System curriculum is further customisable on demand, for delivery online or in healthcare workplaces.

Entry-to-practice degrees for healthcare professionals

Digital health knowledge and skill-building is expanding in the University’s entry-to-practice degrees for healthcare professionals in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, public health, and other professions.

Core and elective units of study are tailored to the specific professional accreditation requirements in these degrees. Our future healthcare professionals are being equipped to understand and engage with existing and emerging work practices, including:

  • electronic medical records
  • telehealth consultations
  • digitally transforming health systems
  • consumer participation in digital health
  • technologies for healthy ageing
  • health informatics methods
  • health data processing methods and tools

Postgraduate degrees

Our Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics is offered for full-time or part-time study. Four subjects may be completed part-time over 1 or 2 years, or full-time during the second half of each year. All subjects are available for fully online study, and some run both online and on-campus. Students come to this degree from different health workforce backgrounds, biosciences, information systems and information technology, and other fields, and they can develop their interests in more clinical or more technical directions. This degree can be a pathway to a Masters degree in Public Health, in Clinical Research, or in Information Systems.

Research projects

We offer a growing number of projects for research students. These can be adapted for Honours students, Masters minor thesis students, professional doctorate students, and PhDs.

More detail on the projects can be found here.

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Applied Learning Health System Short Course

Registration now open for the September intake.

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Learning Health System Academy

The future of healthcare is digital.
Get ready with the Learning Health System Academy.

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Kate Bailey

Graduate Certificate in Digital Health opens opportunities for Kate Bailey

After hands on experience using  an EMR and contributing to the  Digital Health Capability Framework for Allied Health Professionals, Kate wanted to increase her knowledge and capability in digital health.  Her course expanded her horizons and connected to her with others  committed to making digital health a reality in the  sector.

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