Before placement

To ensure that you and our students get on to a great start, we have outlined some key steps to help guide you before the commencement of placement:

  1. Check for eligibility

    All students must have Provisional or Full Registration as a Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), a Working with Children’s Check (and be in possession of card) and a current Police Check (renewed at the commencement of every year enrolled in course and on placement) to be eligible for placement.

  2. Familiarise with University policies

    There are also University policies relating to Health and Safety and Immunisation for students which supervisors should be aware of at:

  3. Keep note of Information hubs

    Information about pre-placement compliance can be obtained from the Health Hub, who are situated at Level 1, Brownless Biomedical Library and can be contacted on 03 8344 5807 or online at

  4. Get acquainted with SONIA

    SONIA can be used to gain information about your student's placement. (e.g. placement contract or logbook, compliance details).  Access to SONIA is made by contacting the Lisa Catania.

  5. Operationalise placement documents

    Students are required to complete a range of relevant documents for each placement.  The most relevant one at the beginning is the placement contract, which outlines the goals of the placement.

  6. Familiarise with health and safety responsibilities

    The University requires that each student on placement and each placement supervisor understands their responsibilities with respect to health and safety. When commencing each placement, it is the responsibility of the supervisor (or their delegate) to orient students to the placement location. Supervisors must also provide the supervision required by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, to ensure student physical and psychological health is not placed at risk and to support the development of the student's competency as a training clinical psychologist.

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Need Help?

For Professional Psychology related enquiries:
Lisa Catania
Placement Coordinator
t: 03 8344 3558
For Professional Psychology related enquiries:
Margaret Osborne
Course Convenor
t: 03 9035 3503