Information for students

A student placement might sometimes be referred to as a "fieldwork placement", "practical placement", "work integrated learning", "clinical placement", "clinical practicum" or "clinical practice". It is the component in some courses or subjects that is conducted in a non-classroom environment that assists you in putting your theoretical knowledge into practice, usually involving interaction with actual patients or clients.

Placements during the COVID-19 pandemic

The University continues to deliver quality education and health training to students amidst the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we have a skilled health workforce of the future. As you return to placement it is important to understand that the experience will be different to what you may have experienced before. Restrictions continue to apply to some activities and across all health disciplines new techniques of delivering health care have been introduced or expanded (for example, tele or video-health).

Be assured that placements will only be facilitated where there are adequate protections for your safety and where a quality, comprehensive learning experience can be achieved.

When attending placement, you must stay up to date on the current advice from the Department of Health and Human Services, in particular the Infection Control Guidelines. You may also be required to participate in periodic screening and/or agree to additional terms and conditions related to the pandemic. We strongly recommend students download the COVIDSafe app or keep a diary to assist with contact tracing.

Students who are employed are reminded that they have access to government financial support at this time.  Students may be eligible for a COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment or a COVID-19 Worker Support Payment.  Please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website.

If you or someone around you is anxious about coronavirus, you may find these COVID-19 support resources useful.


Sonia is the Faculty's comprehensive placement administration tool. As every placement experience is unique, Sonia is used differently for each cohort and discipline. Check with your placement coordinator for information about how Sonia is used for you.

Access Sonia

Note: When accessing Sonia you need to select the relevant school or department, and then click the 'University Sign In' button to use your standard University of Melbourne credentials.