Supporting Women in MDHS

SWiM Mentoring Program - Registrations open

In 2022, the SWiM Mentoring for Promotion Program is available to Level B, C and D academic staff in MDHS who identify as female and non-binary.

  • What to expect

    One on one support through individual mentee/mentor relationships

    • Your mentor will be someone who has successfully applied for academic promotion to Level C, D or E and has chosen to be a mentor for this specific program; they will likely have mentored others in a promotion application too
    • They will be an active listener, ask you questions about your career and provide constructive feedback in order to prepare an application that best showcases your attributes in line with the promotions criteria
    • You will receive six months of one-on-one support and guidance developing and refining your promotion application
    • Communication between you and your mentor should be targeted towards preparing a strong promotion application, the relationship, communication style and medium should be mutually decided on early to ensure you meet each others expectations
    • We recommend at least 4 mentor/mentee meetings throughout the promotion process (please see below for more details about the key program dates).

    Opportunities for networking and peer support

    • You will be invited to practical workshops with other mentees focused on preparing and refining promotion applications
    • You will be set up with a members access online connection via Teams to share content, stories, and progress
    • Two small-group networking sessions twice throughout the promotion rounds to encourage connection and application preparation (peer groups will be encouraged to also connect in addition to these two sessions)
    • You will be supported with updates and check-ins from the SWiM team with respect to program dates and expectations of progress.

    Alignment with the Universitys promotions process, timelines and briefings to ensure that workshops are timely and relevant

  • Mentors

    A cross section of academics at Level C, D and E will be identified as mentors for each of our mentees.

    Criteria for mentors include:

    • Participation in the MDHS promotion process either as an applicant or assessor (must be familiar with current promotions process)
    • Evidence of effective mentorship in the past
    • Demonstration of the Faculty values
    • Passion for supporting the career development of others
    • Availability and commitment to attend program events and meet with mentees between February and July 2022

    Mentors are not expected to edit promotion applications and are not responsible for promotion outcomes. The role of the mentor is to provide high level advice and support with respect to the narrative of the promotion application, time management, consideration of performance relative to opportunity and asking questions to draw out the strengths of the mentee as they relate to promotions criteria.

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  • Mentees

    Women and non-binary academics at Level B, C and D are invited to join the program if they intend to apply for academic promotion next year.

    Inclusion criteria for mentees are:

    • Readiness and commitment to apply for academic promotion in 2022
    • Availability and commitment to attend program events meet with assigned mentor between February and July 2022

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  • Getting the right match
    • The matching process will be undertaken using the data gained through the registration survey.
    • When completing the registration keep an open mind when completing your preferences in your application profile – we will try our best to accommodate your preferences, but it is not possible to guarantee a 100% match.
    • Mentoring participants often report gaining a lot from mentors they would not necessarily of picked themselves in the beginning. Intuition is important, and should be relied on but mentees often experience great outcomes by keeping an open mind and maintaining a professional relationship. You may also have other mentors in your Department, try to use this paired mentor to help convey your case beyond your discipline or workforce category.
    • An agreement should be reached about the style, duration and regularity of meetings possible between you and your mentor early on – with expectations discussed early.
    • Remember that mentoring can be more than the traditional expert-novice relationship. We have many committed mentors who are willing to share their expertise and support you through the promotions process.

    This program is underpinned by our Faculty values:

    • Teamwork & collaboration – sharing knowledge and expertise to help achieve goals
    • Respect – for the diversity of histories and lived experiences to create a safe space to share knowledge and experiences
    • Integrity – honesty and trust underpin our mentoring relationships, where mentoring conversations are kept confidential
    • Compassion - communicate and clarify expectations of each other (active listening is critical)
    • Accountability – we are accountable for the actions we commit to, including being on time to scheduled meetings, advising of any changes in plans as soon as possible and being prepared for meetings.
  • Program guidelines

    This document provides guidance on how the SWiM Mentoring for Promotion Program is designed to work. It provides advice to help you engage with your mentor and your mentee and the peer support network to ensure you get the full benefit of the program.

    Download the Program Guidelines

  • Program dates



    December 2021

    SWiM Program 2022 Registrations open

    21 January 2022

    Registrations close 


    University wide women-only promotions briefings


    University wide promotions briefings


    First mentor/mentee meetings


    University calls for promotion applications

    University wide women only promotions briefing

    MDHS Mentoring program workshop 1 – preparing your application


    Mentee advises HoD/HoS they are applying for promotion


    Second mentor/mentee meetings


    MDHS Mentoring program workshop 2 – refining your application


    Third mentor/mentee meeting


    Complete application submitted to HoD/HoS


    Fourth mentor/mentee meeting


    Application and HoD/HoS report returned to applicant (Level E)


    Closing date for application to HR (Level E)


    Application and HoD/HoS report returned to applicant (Level D)


    Closing date for application to HR (Level D)


    MDHS Mentoring program celebratory event


    Evaluation phase 1 (debrief with participants)


    Evaluation phase 2 (promotion outcomes)

  • Register now

    Registrations for the SWiM Mentoring for Promotion program are open until 21 January 2022.

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  • Contact details

    If you have any suggestions or issues to raise in regard to the SWiM Tailored Mentoring Program, please do not hesitate to contact:

    Natalie Hannan

    Mellissa Kavenagh

    Megan Sharp