SWiM Promotion Outcomes 2021

quote from SWIM Mentee about the sense of community they gained from the program

Supporting Women in MDHS (SWiM) is a tailored mentoring for promotion program that aims to promote diversity, inclusion and support equitable academic promotion in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences.

In 2021, we delivered the inaugural SWiM Mentoring Program to 26 x Level C and 11 x Level D women academics from each of the schools within MDHS. Of these, 14 participants applied for promotion to Level D, and 8 applied for promotion to Level E.

SWiM participants reported that an important benefit of the program was the community building aspect; of getting to know other academics within the faculty and expanding their networks. Additional benefits included having a mentor outside of their field/school, building new professional relationships and collaborations, the peer support network and the practical workshops on application development.

Below is a summary of the program's impact including the success rates for promotion of SWiM Program Mentees in 2021.

The initiative was well rounded- the combination of mentorships, instructional sessions and group support meetings were complementary and of equal value to preparing the application - Mentor