SWiM Promotion Outcomes 2022

While there are more women than men in academic positions in MDHS, historically in the faculty, there has been a significant gender imbalance in senior academic leadership.  For example, between 2016-2019 women made up approximately 32% of Level E Professors and approximately 42% of Level D Associate Professors.

Following concerted efforts towards shifting this, there has been an increase in promotion applications from women across the faculty. In 2022, women now make up 42% of Level E Professors, and 53% of Level D Associate Professors (see graph below).

MDHS Academic Level by Gender 2016-2022

Promotions by academic level and gender from 2016-2022

SWiM Promoted 2021-22

In 2022 the Supporting Women in MDHS (SWiM) for Promotion program supported 67 women through the academic promotions process.  Participants were from a range of disciplines across the faculty and included staff in research, teaching and specialist roles. This was the first year that mentoring support was offered to Level B women, and the largest program cohort was Level C researchers.

MDHS Promotions by Gender and Level 2022

Specifically, in 2022, 83% of the women promoted to Level C were SWiM program participants,  81% promoted to Level D Associate Professor were SWiM mentee. At the Professorial Level, 100% of the SWiM mentees who applied for promotion to Level E Professor were successful.

The most valuable aspect was being connected to others. There is power in knowing that you're not going through the process alone and that support is available.