Disability Resources

MDHS Staff Disability Network

The Disability Network is for faculty staff with lived experience of disability. People sometimes feel isolated in their workplace, so the Network is a place where you can talk to others with a shared experience and understanding.  Since it is often difficult to meet in person, a lot of our discussion is likely to be online on our closed Slack site.  That’s the place to post a question, share information or contribute your own experiences. If you would like to chat with a staff member with disability, please contact us and we will connect you.

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MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC) includes staff from each school in the Faculty who are committed to cultivating an environment where diversity is valued, respected and affirmed. The Committee includes  professional and academic staff, early career researchers and senior leadership. Importantly, we have a range of diverse experiences, attributes, skills and expertise which lend themselves to robust collaboration. Learn how to join.

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