Disability at work

Do you know your rights at work? Find out who to talk to as well as peer support options for negotiating the workplace.

A key pillar in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030 is to create a diverse university community that reflects the broader society.

If you are an MDHS employee with a disability and would like to chat with someone who has lived experience, please feel free to contact our MDHS Disability Network who can provide peer support and point you in the right direction to access resources.

The University's Strategy and Culture team are preparing a Disability Action Plan and are engaging with staff and students in consultations in 2021-22.  To participate and put forward your experience and ideas, contact the Advisor in Accessibility and Inclusion.

In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) , the University will:

  • Ensure that students with disability have the same access to study, assessment and services as students without disability
  • Eliminate discrimination against staff and students on the grounds of disability
  • Promote recognition and acceptance within the University so that all staff and students have equal access to education and services
  • Develop a culture that understands and responds to disability as a shared responsibility
  • Foster the best and most appropriate practices in disability services
  • Extend disability training and support to academic and professional staff to ensure compliance with disability legislation.

Also in development are new university-wide policies on diversity and inclusion that include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion Policy

For information on the above, please contact the Advisor in Accessibility and Inclusion.