Staff Resources

Disability information, contacts and guidelines for students, teaching and research staff.

Staff Disability Advocacy Group
One thing that disabled people at the University often have in common is a feeling that they're all alone, that there's nobody else who knows what it's like. This group want to provide a place where that's not true: where you know that there are others like you. Where you can vent, and ask questions, and be part of a group that gets it.

Disability Information portal
On this website you will find disability related information for staff, students, research, HR resources, teaching and learning and news and events at the University.

Student Equity and Disability Support
Student Equity Services provide supports for students who need ongoing assistance with their studies. Contact a dedicated equity advisor about the different kinds of support available to you to ensure an equitable learning environment.

UMSU Disabilities
A student community who provide a space for students living with or experiencing a disability (including mental health) through meetings, events, workshops and resources.

Guides for Academics by Students with Disabilities
These guidelines describe how staff can better engage with and understand the ways that people with different abilities learn. They outline how to achieve optimal learning experiences for people with hearing difficulties, vision impairment, mental health conditions, anxiety, dyslexia and mobility issues.