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A fit test is a method for checking that a tight-fitting respirator facepiece is suitable to seal and protect the individual from any airborne particles. In your fit test appointment, you will try on multiple types of P2/N95 respirators that are commonly used in health services, and a machine will generate particles and test the seal of each respirator.

All students are now required to be fit tested for common P2/N95 respirators before attending clinical placement in health services and residential aged care facilities. Similarly, students based in settings where exposure to high-risk COVID patients is likely will also need to be fit tested prior to commencing placement.

Students have the following options to meet their fit testing requirement:

  • You can source a RESP-FIT accredited fit tester on your own. The best way to do this is via the Find a Fit Tester database.
  • Alternatively, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) facilitates a fit testing program in coordination with Melbourne Dental School (MDC) and Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics (MTHC). If you are a currently admitted student with a placement program and wish to have a fit test completed by MDHS, you can book an appointment via the link below:

Book an MDHS Mask Fit Test Appointment

It is important to note that not every placement provider will accept a fit test done by the University of Melbourne, as they may require a complete fit test using their own methods or programs.

Students undertaking fit testing through the Melbourne Dental Clinic will be automatically cleared upon successful completion of a fit test.

Students undertaking fit testing at an alternative venue must provide written evidence of completion of a fit test. This can be a fit test certificate or card that verifies the date of the fit test or expiry, your name, and the recommended makes or models specific to you.

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Please note: students must provide evidence of being successfully fitted for at least two masks, as recommended by the Victorian Respiratory Protection Program. Fit tests are valid for one year from their completion date.

If you require assistance or have any fit testing questions, contact

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