During Placement

It’s important that both you and your student know each other’s expectations early on.

Placement students should be producing work to your specifications, including your preferred formatting, writing and reference style. For the University’s assessment purposes, students need to produce a 5000-word report or equivalent. This work is assessed by University staff.

Host supervisors are encouraged to contact the PPU (Professional Placement Unit) Coordinator at any time to discuss any matters of concern. The more explicit the feedback given to students throughout the placement, the increased learning opportunities for them. Students will also be required to attend university peer support discussion groups throughout the placement.

Additional Information

Please find below additional information on meeting discussions, placement tasks and the mid-point review:

  • Pointers for Meetings
    • Number of hours to be committed for the project
    • Frequency and basis for supervision
    • Additional adhoc work (if any)
    • Documents style guides to be used, and good practices
    • Submission timelines of draft work
    • Specific skills/knowledge the student is interested in acquiring
    • "Break down" of project tasks and outline areas that require assistance
    • Staff meeting dates/times (for immersion and informal learning)
    • Presentation of work at the end of placement (if the student wishes)
    • Encourage students to flag issues, seek input and flag performance issues
  • Tasks during placements
    • Meet with students regularly to monitor progress
    • Discuss questions or problems that arise
    • Provide substantial feedback on work and their progress
  • Mid-Point Review

    Use the Workplace Supervisor Report provided to discuss with the student progress to date including any strengths and areas for improvement. This is not assessable at this stage, however is valuable for student learning.



Need Help?

Sue Durham
Professional Practice Coordinator
e: sue.durham@unimelb.edu.au
Dawn Choo
Teaching Specialist and Industry Partnerships
e: dawn.choo@unimelb.edu.au