Clinical Education Risk & Governance

We all have a responsibility to report risks and incidents.

Report a Clinical Risk or Incident

Clinical education risk management improves the quality and safe delivery of healthcare education by introducing systems that identify and prevent circumstances that put patients or students at risk of harm. Advice is offered on this website to students, staff, and placement providers to support risk and incident management in clinical education.

With students at the heart of everything we do, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is committed to providing outstanding learning and teaching experiences in health education and training, driving excellence and innovation through our contemporary partnerships and providing students with a strong sense of belonging and engagement.

Clinical Education Risk Management Framework

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences delivers essential training and placement activities to graduate healthcare students. The Clinical Education Risk Management Framework has been established to achieve this objective by integrating, designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving risk management across MDHS.

The framework's purpose is to:

  • Identify risks and provide guidance on how to respond appropriately
  • Establish reporting structure, responsibilities and escalation requirements
  • Apply risk management principles to minimise risk while maximising innovation and development opportunities
  • Ensure MDHS Faculty values are embedded into clinical education

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How to Report Risks & Incidents

Incidents refer to events that have already occurred and have had an impact, while a risk is a potential event or situation that may occur in the future. Incident and risk reporting share equal importance in creating awareness and identifying solutions.

It is everyone’s responsibility to report clinical education risks and incidents. Reports can be made using the MDHS Clinical Education Risk and Incident Reporting Form.

How to report a Risk or Incident


Individuals and committees in MDHS undertake the monitoring and reviewing of risks and incidents, ensuring continuous improvement in quality clinical education . Two governing committees, the Clinical Education Strategy and Risk Committee (CESAR) and the Student Placement Advisory Group (SPAG), are responsible for supporting stakeholders in identifying and responding to challenges that occur in clinical education.

About CESAR and SPAG

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Supporting Students in Clinical Placements

Supporting students in clinical placements involves providing a structured and positive learning environment that encourages growth, development, and learning.

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Discover a comprehensive suite of resources and tools designed to empower and streamline the management of clinical education. Our carefully curated collection equips educators and administrators with the means to facilitate seamless learning experiences for students and practitioners alike.

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