Clinical Education Risk Management Framework

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This Clinical Education Risk Management Framework describes a common process for how risks are identified, assessed, treated, reported, monitored, and reviewed in Clinical Education in the Faculty of MDHS.


Goals of the Framework

The Framework’s goals are ensuring the quality of students' training and readiness to practice, guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved in clinical placements, maintaining the sustainability and excellence of MDHS education courses and programs, and ensuring compliance with all internal and external reporting requirements.

Benefits of the Framework

By providing a structured approach to managing uncertainty and enhancing strategic thinking, the MDHS Clinical Education Risk Management Framework benefits the entire MDHS community.

In adopting an effective risk management approach, the Faculty can maintain the sustainability, quality and safety of clinical education delivered.

Ultimately, this strongly positions students for graduate employment in their chosen profession and enables them to provide high-quality healthcare to the Australian community and beyond.