Michael Diamond

Michael chose to study the Graduate Diploma in Psychology as he wanted to make a positive impact.

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

A few years after graduating from Medical Science, I found myself working as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Speaking with clinicians made me re-evaluate where I wanted my life to go. I wanted to make a positive impact and I knew that was possible with psychology.

University has been easier for me the second time around. I can see that what I’m putting my energy into is going to impact the rest of my life and that’s very motivating. My goal is to work as a clinical psychologist, but my career possibilities have expanded since I started the degree. Now I’m also considering doing research as well as practicing.

The Grad Dip has given me a deeper understanding of myself and people in general. We’ve covered a range of topics to do with the mind, the brain and human behaviour - everything from neuroscience and cognitive processes through to personality, social behaviour and childhood development. It’s all been fascinating!

There’s a really strong sense of community within the graduate diploma cohortA lot of us stick together and pick the same tutorials and seminar times. There’s also a graduate student computer lab in the psychology building where we can go to study. Grad Dip students come from a range of backgrounds and we have all studied in different faculties previously, which keeps the conversations and discussions interesting!

I’m doing the course over two years and I’m working part-time as a research assistant as well. While it’s possible to do the course in one year, spreading the subjects over more than a year allows for a more balanced lifestyle.

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