Lizzie Korevaar

Lizzie chose to study the Master of Biostatistics as she was looking for a way to apply her love of maths.

Master of Biostatistics

After studying microbiology at undergraduate level I was attracted to this course because I was looking for a way to apply my love of maths.

It went over and above my expectations and I enjoyed it a lot. I knew it was going to teach me how to analyse data but I wasn’t expecting the methods to go down to so fine a detail – that was a pleasant surprise.

The group of people you get to work with are very encouraging. They love what they do, and it shows. All the teachers were really passionate, whether that be about the specific application or the actual methods we were trying to figure out.

The students were all highly motivated, too. Because we were a small cohort, we ended up really tight, which was nice – particularly coming from a large undergraduate course.

The course is a mixture of face-to-face and online learning, which worked well for me. We got lots of support from our lecturers and the opportunity to ask questions, but also the convenience of online learning. And even when I was studying online there was still lots of contact with other students via the discussion boards.

The assignments were focused on real problems, which was very rewarding because I felt like I was making a useful contribution. And I particularly enjoyed the research project, where I worked on a big clinical trial looking at breast cancer. I’m still working on that project, so it has turned into a part-time job, which is great! I’m enjoying seeing it through until the end.

Next, I’m considering a PhD. The masters confirmed for me that research is what I’m interested in, and it’s very rewarding to make a useful contribution to big problems in health.

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