Zunayed Kabir

Bachelor of Biomedicine student Zunayed Kabir moved to Melbourne from Western Australia’s Port Hedland, the second largest city in the Pilbara region.

Nineteen year old Bachelor of Biomedicine student Zunayed Kabir moved to Melbourne from Western Australia’s Port Hedland, the second largest city in the Pilbara region. 

“I chose the University of Melbourne because it has the number one medical school in the country. Also, I was lucky enough to get an Access Melbourne full scholarship to help me with finances while I studied.”

Moving to Melbourne

Zunayed has found that moving interstate for someone so young is not without its challenges:

“It is a really big change not only moving out of home but from a regional town to a big city. The freedom of living independently comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is way too easy to slack off than it is to have fun while having your studies and other commitments balanced. My advice would be never forget what you came here for and where you came from. Also, never think you’ll be fine without close friends, they are your major support in this new city.

“I found the best way to make friends is to attend all the O-week events and then your lectures and tutorials. Always looking out for people just like you and approaching them is also very effective. I have made mates for life at Uni.”

Coming from Western Australia’s warmer climate, Zunayed has enjoyed Melbourne’s changeable weather:

“I love how Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable. There are so many nice places to hang out with your mates as well. Being a major city, there are so many events happening, thus there is never a dull moment.”

University Life

Studying has provided Zunayed with valuable new skills:“Doing biomedicine has made me realise how important time is – I have become much more efficient than before. Also, I do a lot more group work with friends and understand the importance of team work.” 

Zunayed has found the teaching and the support provided to students to be excellent:  

“The teaching is of a very high quality with the lecturers and tutors making sure that students understand the content.

“There are many support options available for students. Stop 1 is an amazing and efficient place to get help.”

Zunayed strives to achieve a good balance between study and fun, nominating his happiest memory so far as being the Zombie Run at University that he attend with his mates. He says his proudest moment was winning an Academic Excellence Award from Trinity College.


Zunayed feels that he has greatly benefited from the different perspectives of the diverse group of people he has been exposed to at the University: 

“I have discovered that I am not as introverted as I thought I was before coming to Uni. The people here bring out the outgoing part of you.

“The University is in the heart of the city, making it a convenient place in general. Specifically for health students, the University is next to the prestigious Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre where volunteering opportunities are available. I have been called for an interview for volunteering at RMH this year.”

Career in Health

Zunayed hopes to pursue a career in medicine while continuing altruistic projects:   

“I see myself specialising in an area of my choice as a doctor in 10 years along with doing a lot of charity work."

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