Conclusion of placement

At the conclusion of a student placement with your organisation, please submit your student feedback forms via the desired method.

If there are any matters you would like to discuss with MDS, feel free to contact the Scheduling and Clinical Placement Coordinator via Where necessary, a meeting can be arranged with relevant staff.

Further, MDS hosts regular meetings for all our host organisations to attend. These meetings allow:

- MDS to provide the latest news on clinical placements

- an opportunity for our host organisations to provide feedback on their experience

- opportunity for host organisations to meet each other and assist each other through the host experience.

Need Help?

Kaliopi Alvarez
Senior Academic Programs Coordinator
Denise Bailey
DDS4 Year Level Coordinator
Professor Julie Satur
Director of Engagement
Dr Siew-May Loo
DDS3 Year Level Coordinator
Clare McNally
BOH3 Year Level Coordinator