Melbourne Dental School

Thank you for accepting a student from the Melbourne Dental School.

We will send you a Vocational Placement Letter Agreement (VPLA) prior to the placement if you do not currently have an overarching Student Placement Agreement with the University of Melbourne. This is to ensure insurance coverage and an overall agreement of the responsibilities shared by you as the placement provider and the Melbourne Dental School as the education provider. Please contact if you do not have an agreement in place.

It is best to prepare early for your students’ arrival. The staff at Melbourne Dental School are here to assist you with integration of students into your workplace.

Via email, the school will send you the list of students who you can expect at an upcoming placement.

In particular, for any administrative support, including student schedules, orientation, agreements, pre-placement requirements and day-to-day operations, please contact the Scheduling and Clinical Placement Coordinator via

For student teaching and learning outcomes and objectives, supervisor preparation, clinical discussions and student feedback and assessment, please contact

Need Help?

Kaliopi Alvarez
Senior Academic Programs Coordinator
Denise Bailey
DDS4 Year Level Coordinator
Professor Julie Satur
Director of Engagement
Dr Siew-May Loo
DDS3 Year Level Coordinator
Clare McNally
BOH3 Year Level Coordinator