Before placement

Preparation for Day 1

To aid in visibility of placements for students and clients, please arrange signage prior to placement commencing.  The signage should indicate that you are hosting students from the University of Melbourne on site.

If your organisation requires the student to sign any of its own documentation, a copy can be provided to the Scheduling and Placement Coordinator at MDS.  This can be published to students in preparation for their first day.  It’s also helpful to have these documents available on the first day in case students have not come completely prepared.

It’s important to understand that our students attend multiple placements each year and at the beginning of each, particularly early in the year, they may be feeling anxious. To ensure your student gets off to a good start, please make them feel welcome, included, well-informed and equipped to do their placement tasks.

An orientation program is recommended at the beginning of the student’s placement with you.  This can include:

- Key staff - introductions

- Map of the building

- Location of tea rooms, toilets

- Instructions on how to get there – public transport and driving/parking

- Organisational policies to comply with – e.g. Codes of Conduct, Covid Safe Plan, OHS, Manual   Handling, Code Grey etc.

- Workstations and clinical bays

- Patient Management System

- Patient flow

- Patient demographics/cultural matters pertinent to workplace

- Appointment management

- Record Keeping practices

- Incident Management

- Review pre-placement requirements

- Absence notification process

- Discuss the nature of the position and its position within the organisation

- Weblink to the host organisation’s website

The program can be a presentation on day one, a pre-prepared video which is sent to students in advance, a document or all of the above.  It’s up to you and what you feel will best prepare your students for their placement with you.

Clinical Supervisor Preparation

The clinical supervisor performs a critical role in the success of the placement for the student and the host organisation.

While ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the patient in their care, the clinical supervisor also provides ongoing learning opportunities for the student.

The clinical supervisor will be asked to:

· use best practice in the safe and effective clinical supervision of students

· recognise opportunities which arise during clinical activities for improving student experience

· use an analytical and reflective approach in the supervision of students

· apply theories and principles to specific clinical contexts in the supervision of students

· assist students in recognising professional responsibilities

· provide timely feedback and engaging with students during debriefing

To assist the clinical supervisor, the Melbourne Dental School provides training and support. To access this information, please contact

Further, the clinical supervisor will be provided with specific assessment forms to complete. If you do not have these forms or would like further support on providing feedback, please contact



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