Before Placement

To ensure that you and our students get on to a great start, we have outlined some key steps to help guide you before the commencement of placement:

  1. Review clinical handbook

    Review our clinical handbook looking specifically for the pass criteria and expectations of the upcoming placement.

  2. Arrange timeline of the placement

    Confirm directly with the student the days, hours and address of placement.

  3. Consider specifications of different placements

    Think about what Quality Improvement Project you might like the student to complete whilst on your placement. Some placements (named ‘2a’ and ‘3a’) have additional ‘indirect’ placement days specific for this purpose, for all other placements the QI project work can simply be part of their work day.

  4. Specify learning needs (if any)

    Identify any learning needs you have as a clinical educator and get in touch with the university to arrange support.

  5. Provide students with pre-placement orientation

    Provide the student with any pre-placement orientation, readings or preparations you would like them to complete before commencing placement with you.

  6. Familiarize with COMPASS ®

    Ensure you are set up on COMPASS ® and familiar with how COMPASS ® works.



Need Help?

Kelly Williams
Clinical Placement Officer
t: 03 8344 7453
e: sp
For Academic queries:
Margaret Olczak
Clinical Education Coordinator