Conclusion of placement

Thank you for your support with clinical education for our students. Your contribution is highly valued, as our students learn so much from the diverse experiences you can provide. Here are few pointers to make the placement offboarding smooth for you and your students.

  1. Post clinical debriefing

    Conferences or debriefing are integral parts of the PEP, helping students bridge the gap between theory and practice via critical reflection and evaluation. The clinical conference may take between half an hour to one hour. The time and day when it occurs will be at the discretion of the Clinical Educator or Preceptor. All MNSc students are expected to attend and actively participate.

  2. Feedback

    Clinical Educator or Preceptors are required to provide feedback on MNSc students performance to facilitate growth and development and the achievement of the learning outcomes relative to the PEP. The form and frequency of feedback need to be negotiated between the MNSc student and Clinical Educator or Preceptor. MNSc students are expected to seek learning opportunities and guidance in developing and refining their skills. Formal written and verbal feedback must be provided and discussed at the time of the formative and summative appraisal and selected on the ANSAT in SONIA/Pebblepad.

  3. References

    MNSc students may request Clinical Educators or Preceptors act as referees for future employment. You are free to meet or decline this request as desired. Appraisal summaries are provided for Clinical Educators/Preceptors to complete to assist MNSc students to apply for future nursing positions.


Need Help?

Kerry Sullivan
Clinical Placement Officer
Irene Tey
Clinical Placement Coordinator