Before placement

As a clinical educator, we understand that your time is valuable. Listed below are some key steps to ensure both you and your student are prepared before the commencement of the placement.

  1. Student information

    Prior to the commencement of the professional practice educator, health services and MNSc students will be provided information regarding allocations via email or through SONIA/Pebblepad. This includes information about the clinical venue, orientation start time and facility documents to review before commencement.

  2. Orientation or shift times and rosters

    All MNSc students will attend placement on days of the week they are rostered by the clinical venue. Times for the commencement of shifts for MNSc students are governed by the designated venue and may vary according to the needs of the clinical area or Clinical Educator/Preceptor availability. Where possible, at least the first week of the shift roster should be distributed to students prior to the commencement of placement. Students must be given shift times for the remainder of placement on the first day at the latest. Facility orientation must occur for all placements and ward areas, including make-up placements.

  3. Shift length

    Students are expected to work an 8-hour day with an additional ½ hour for a meal break. Students have clear guidelines in the student PEP guide regarding shift swaps and shift length.



Need Help?

Kerry Sullivan
Clinical placement officer
Jo Martin
Course Coordinator