During placement

Thank you for hosting a student from the Department of Clinical Audiology. The following information is provided to assist you with commonly encountered activities during the placement.

Many resources exist in the Frequently Asked Questions. You are also welcome to submit your own question.

Below we have some commonly requested information on the online clinical placement database, SONIA. It covers how to:

  • Log in
  • Find student details for upcoming placements
  • Approve timesheets that log student hours for their degree, but also your supervision hours for continuous professional development purposes

Clinical educators do not receive their own SONIA login details – these are provided for a single ‘site’ and are shared by all educators who have students from our department in your workplace.

If you do not know the login details, we suggest you first speak to your colleagues/supervisor to see if they have the information. If they do not, please email our Clinical Placements Officer at aud-clinplacements@unimelb.edu.au who will be able to look up your User ID and reset your password.

Our students know how to log their clinical experience hours through SONIA using the timesheet function. Please ensure that any timesheet you are approving has the correct clinical educator’s name listed in the comments section. This is how we log your supervision with Audiology Australia for your continuous professional development record.

We suggest that clinical educators and students complete the timesheet requirements together at the end of each day. This will minimise the chance of errors in recording of clinical hours or omissions of clinical educator name. Please see our FAQ section for more details on approving or correcting timesheets.

Feedback models

In November 2019 the Melbourne School of Health Sciences hosted an interdisciplinary professional development event focused on providing feedback to students in clinical environments. Selected slides from this event are available here, featuring feedback models such as the Feedback Sandwich, the Pendleton model, AERO, and Hattie’s three questions. You can access them here.



Need Help?

For Placement queries:
Niki Velkoska
Clinical Placements officer
e: aud-clinplacements@unimelb.edu.au
For Academic queries:
Dani Tomlin
Associate Professor
e: dtomlin@unimelb.edu.au