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Wellbeing and Mental Health at the University of Melbourne:

Towards a 'Healthy University'

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Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

Professor Marilys Guillemin, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences


Plenary: Wellbeing and Mental Health at the University of Melbourne: Towards a 'Healthy University'

Professor Sarah Wilson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Life, The University of Melbourne

Across the UK, the concept of the ‘Healthy University’ is driving whole-of-university approaches to support the wellbeing of students, staff and communities. Here in Australia, the University of Melbourne is leading towards this ecological approach, with areas of excellent practice within our institution now being brought together to provide more integrated systemic support.

In this short presentation, Professor Sarah Wilson, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Life will introduce the University’s new Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Framework, pointing to the various initiatives to be embedded across the University. Sarah will invite you to consider how you can draw upon your own expertise in supporting health and wellbeing to realise the goals of the framework, and how you can extend your own connections as we strive towards a genuinely healthy university.


Panel: Wellbeing and Mental Health at the University of Melbourne: Towards a 'Healthy University'

In this panel, to be chaired by Associate Professor Melissa Russell, a range of experts in supporting wellbeing and mental health will share perspectives, practices and scholarship to invite consideration of advances in teaching and learning for a healthier university. Touching upon developments in assessment, wider curriculum, clinical placements, direct support for students and more, the discussion will respond to, and extend, Professor Sarah Wilson’s invitation for us to build upon our connections and practices across and beyond the Faculty as we look towards realising a holistic, whole-of-University approach for supporting student wellbeing and mental health.


Associate Professor Melissa Russell, Associate Professor in Epidemiology in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health


Professor Chi Baik, Deputy Director, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Graduate School of Education

Professor Anna Ryan, Director of Assessment, Department of Medical Education, Melbourne Medical School

George Habib, Associate Director, Wellbeing Services, Student and Scholarly Services and Clinical Psychologist

Jonathan Glenning, PhD candidate, Chair of the MDHS Research Training Student Advisory Council sub-committee

Danielle Clayman, Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, Melbourne Medical School


Day 1 Presentation abstracts


View recordingStudent Mental Health and Wellbeing

Chair: Tim Beaumont

View recordingExperiential Learning

Chair: Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane

View recordingDeveloping Spaces for Reflection: e-Portfolios, Logbooks and More

Chair: Jo Russell

View recordingNew Connections for Teaching and Learning

Chair: Dr Yossi Rathner


The mental health of international university students from China during the COVID-19 pandemic and the protective effort of social support: A longitudinal study

Tianhui Ke, Professor Lena Sanci, Professor Nicola Reavley, Dr Ian Williams, Dr Wenjing Li, Associate Professor Melissa Russell

Service-learning in rural Victoria: A conceptual model to guide work integrated learning with allied health students

Charmaine Swanson, Rebecca Oates, Lauren Woodhart, Keryn Bolte, Dr Lisa Bourke, Kim Ackland

Do e-portfolios influence student wellbeing in higher education? A scoping review

Dr Asli McCarthy, Dr Clare McNally, Kate Mitchell

One Health education as interprofessional practice

Dr Caitlin Pfeiffer, Dr JP Villanueva-Cabezas, Associate Professor Ken Winkel


The association between acculturative stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety in international students: A longitudinal study

Lauren Oakley- Browne, Professor Nicola Reavley, Professor Lena Sanci, Associate Professor Melissa Russell

Social work and nursing placements in the Northern Territory - improving the student experience

Judi Brewster, Irene Tey, Dr Jennifer McConachy

Integrating understandings of self and wellbeing - a curriculum journey through personal, social and professional identity

Dr Jennifer Davidson, Dr Kathryn Sellick, Dr Nicole Hill

From training to education to pandemic disruption: Growing skills for ethical and rigorous measurement of violence against women

Academic Specialist Jess Letch, Associate Professor Kristin Diemer


The effect of curriculum design and assessment practice on student mental health and cohort connection. An innovative data linkage project.

Associate Professor Melissa Russell, Professor Lena Sanci, Professor Chi Baik

Creating health research placements: An academic and health service partnership model - the 5+1

Associate Professor Ralph Hampson, Professor Lynette Joubert

ePortfolio and storytelling: a new approach to dental education at the Melbourne Dental School

Dr Clare McNally, Dr Samantha Byrne, Dr Asli McCarthy

Innovations in mental health practice

Jessica McKenzie, Elizabeth Currie


Wellbeing in the time of Covid

Dr Stephen McKenzie

Identifying how health professional educators address cognitive and implicit bias in clinical decision making: Implications for an inter-professional curriculum

John Thompson, Dr Helena Bujalka, Dr Stephen McKeever,  Adrienne Lipscomb, Dr Sonya Moore, Dr Nicole Hill, Associate Professor Sharon Kinney, Dr Kwang Cham, Joanne Martin, Patrick Bowers, Professor Marie Gerdzt

A comparative study of 3 logbook-like documents used by midwifery and medical students in birth suite placements with suggestions for a new study-centred, logbook-like electronic record and associated teaching and learning activities for future University of Melbourne Doctor of Medicine students

Dr Elizabeth McCarthy, Kayla Ryan, Dr Naomi Holbeach, Dr Rebecca Szabo

Motivations and experiences of graduate entry nursing students

Rosemary Turner, Dr Rachel Macdiarmid, Dr Rebecca Jarden, Dr Rhona Winnington

Tuesday 25 October 2022 - 9.30am – 12:30pm (online)

Wednesday 26 October 2022 - 9:00am - 12:30pm (Woodward Conference Centre)

Contact: Tim Beaumont | timothy.beaumont@unimelb.edu.au | 03 8344 1562