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Introducing DentAlliance

Four prestigious dental schools have joined forces to each bring their world-leading expertise to the collaboration and will work together to enhance professional practice in dentistry. This is an exciting program of engaging content, practical case studies, hands-on training, and clinical insights from a range of experts.

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Our Museums

Explore, inquire and engage with the three Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences museums. Acting as dynamic study and teaching resources, the museums offer access to diverse collections and exhibition programs to both students and researchers.


Global Health Case Competition

Faced by a health issue of global proportions, our students have worked across disciplines to come up with an innovative solution. Learn about our Emory Global Health Case Competition team’s resolution or find out how you can participate in this year’s Global Health Case Competition.

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Global Health Case Competition presentation
The Universe Within

The Universe Within

The Universe Within features a dance of intriguing images photographed through microscopes in the biomedical research laboratories. The striking colours and mesmerising patterns bring to life the spectacular universe that lurks under the microscope and within our own bodies.

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MDHS International

Explore our international projects and partnerships.

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