Brownless Medal

The Brownless Medal – named after Sir Anthony Colling Brownless, founder of the Melbourne Medical School – recognises eminent individuals who, through their diligence and leadership, have ensured the growth and positioning of the Medical School as a world leader in medical teaching and training, and health research, policy, and practise.

Established in 2012 as part of celebrations marking the Melbourne Medical School’s 150th anniversary, the inaugural Brownless Medal award ceremony recognised five former heads of the Medical School (as documented below).


Associate Professor Peter Greenberg OAM


Associate Professor Wilma Beswick AM


Professor James Donovan Best

Professor Graham Vallancey Brown AM


Professor James Alexander Angus AO

Professor Emeritus Gordon James Aitken Clunie

Emeritus Professor Richard Graeme Larkins AO

Professor Emeritus David Geoffrey Penington AC

Professor Emeritus Graeme Bruce Ryan AC