Register for SWiM Mentoring program 2023

Registrations  for mentees and mentors are now open for the SWiM Mentoring for Promotion program.

The program is offered to Level B, C and D academic women and non-binary academics in MDHS who are eligible for promotion in 2023.

Mentees are matched with a senior mentor who is  familiar with the promotions process and has had past mentoring experience. You are matched with someone outside of your department and School, and your research/teaching area.  In addition to individual mentoring, the program provides practical workshops, useful resources and a peer network to support you through the promotions process.

Register as a Mentee

We also encourage senior faculty staff to register as mentors.

If you're a level C, D or E academic (any gender) and interested in contributing to a supportive faculty culture, please opt in at the registration link below.

Check out the program guidelines on the webpage which has information about how the program works, how it's structured, what's on offer, the benefits and promotion outcomes.

Register as a Mentor

Registrations for the SWiM Mentoring for Promotion program close 3 February 2023.