Eligibility criteria, recognising the impact of extraordinary and compounding personal circumstances

Eligible staff include Level B and C academics who are employed on short-term/non-secure contracts (eg. fixed term or continuing-research contingent) in the Faculty, and whose extraordinary and compounding personal circumstances, including disability, physical and mental health conditions and markedly disproportionate caring responsibilities, have significantly restricted their capacity to maintain and progress their career.

This includes their capacity to:

Undertake research and research training activity, including severely impacting their ability to publish their research, supervise graduate research students and apply for and obtain competitive external funding

Undertake key engagement activities with relevant disciplinary communities and government, business, professional or community organisations that are critical to enhancing excellence in their research and research training and enhancing their competitiveness in their field

Contribute to cross-disciplinary collaborative research projects and teams that are key to maintaining their research momentum and competitiveness

Build their leadership and service profile as well as making vital contributions to the advancement of their discipline within and beyond the University

Note: 1. To be eligible to apply, applicants must at the time of application, hold a short-term salaried, fixed-term or continuing (research contingent) academic appointment in MDHS; 2. Eligible applicants may submit a maximum of one application in a single round; 3. A Momentum Fellowship can only be held once.

Selection criteria, guiding the values-based assessment of applications

In assessing the Fellowship applications, the Selection Panel will consider:

The impact of and extent to which relevant extraordinary personal circumstances have compounded and restricted the individual's capacity to secure external funding

The applicant’s overall ability through evidence of their capacity to develop and sustain an academic career consistent with a leading university

The applicant's effective demonstration and promotion of our Faculty’s values as well as Faculty’s expectations for appropriate behaviour, including upholding the Faculty’s commitment to a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace

Other Fellowship or salary-related financial assistance the staff member may be receiving