Award conditions

Conditions of award, including expectations of Fellows

Up to $100K per year over two years will be awarded as a contribution towards salary plus on-costs of the applicant. Applicants who will be coming off externally funded fellowships in the next 6 months, and those without any external fellowship support will be priortised for support.

Awards are available up to a maximum period of 24 months. Funding is intended to be nominally for the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g. significant illness, maternity leave/carer leave etc), a request to the Associate Dean (Diversity and Inclusion) may be made to extend remaining funding beyond the two year duration.

The total amount awarded may be pro-rated based on the applicant’s preferred time fraction (FTE) to hold the Fellowship. If applicable, the Fellow’s position end date will be extended to cover the duration of the Fellowship. If there is a salary shortfall between the amount covered by the Fellowship and the position, this shortfall must be met from other sources (eg: external funding, department/local support). If salary and on-costs require less than $100K per year (or the applicable pro-rated amount), remaining funding may be used to support other research costs.

If applicable, the MDHS Momentum Fellowship will commence from the time external fellowship support ends.

Fellows are expected to apply for external research funding during the term of the Momentum Fellowship.

Momentum Fellows who subsequently secure external salary support should take up the external salary funding at the earliest possible date and must not defer in order to complete the duration of the Momentum Fellowship. The Associate Dean (Diversity and Inclusion), will consider requests to repurpose Momentum Fellowship funding on a case by case basis.

Awardees cannot hold both a Faculty Momentum Fellowship and another internal fellowship concurrently.

Fellows are expected to develop and agree on a plan to achieve research independence and sustainability with their supervisor and Head of Department/School.

Fellows are expected to provide appropriate acknowledgement of University support when communicating research outcomes.

Fellows will be subject to the University conditions of employment.

Twenty days (pro-rata) annual leave per annum must be taken during the term of the Fellowship to avoid the budget division incurring additional costs at the conclusion of the funding.  If leave is not taken during the term of the Fellowship, the administering Department/Centre will be responsible for the additional costs.

Leave of absence may be taken within the period of tenure of the award, but the period of absence will not be added to the duration of the award. (Noting exceptions referred to in clause 2)

Fellows are required to provide a written report using the template provided after the first year of the Fellowship, and then on completion of the Fellowship. This report should provide information on the research achievements, publishable outcomes, and details of applications submitted to external funding bodies.

It is an expectation that researchers awarded internal MDHS funding will participate as mentors in Faculty led mentoring programs (e.g. the Dean’s Fellowship Review panel) or as reviewers for other internal funding schemes.