Supporting the achievement of our Faculty's Diversity and Inclusion goals

MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grants support academic staff to undertake scholarly-based work that contributes to the implementation of our Faculty’s culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, for all staff and students.

Examples include but are not limited to: research into the enablers and barriers for the career progression of staff with diverse personal attributes, experiences and backgrounds; or research into mitigating bias that can inform continuous improvements to our Faculty’s approach to assessing academic performance, including for promotion. These are only examples and applicants are encouraged to bring their own personal aspects and insights to their applications.

The Faculty of MDHS awards two grants each round. Grants include a maximum award of $25,000 for salary and research-related expenses.

MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grants

The 2022 grants were awarded to the following teams:

Capturing transgender people in research: Guidelines for researchers 

A/Prof Ada Cheung, Medicine - Austin Health, Melbourne Medical School

The Trans Health Research team will develop guidelines for including trans people in research projects.  Using a co-designed approach with trans healthcare experts, researchers and community members, this project aims to develop best-practice guidelines for including trans and gender diverse people in research.

Creating safe spaces for physiotherapy student learning of physical examination

Ms Jessica Lees, Dr Rachel Toovey, A/Prof Catherine Granger, Dr Megan Sharp, Dr Selina Parry, Dr Kath Sellick, Em Clayton, Kate Johnson, Dr Kim Alison, Free Clouston, Department of Physiotherapy, Melbourne School of Health Sciences

This multidisciplinary team will design trauma-informed curriculum for physiotherapy students when learning peer physical examination. The project aims to incorporate diverse experiences to facilitate meaningful consent and also advance the practice of graduates to improve patient safety.

The 2021 grants were awarded to the following:

First Nations Health Representation and Workforce across the Faculty through shared learning

Dr Ngaree Blow, Madelyne Hudson-Buhagiar and Brooke Conley

This project aims to enhance Diversity and Inclusion within the Faculty of MDHS through the development of a toolkit to assist building a co-delivery approach of First Nations health to address the under-representation of First Nations peoples at all levels within Faculty of MDHS (Faculty). The toolkit will enable integration of Indigenous knowledges into curriculum, increased employment for community members and recognise the importance of cultural knowledges and lived experiences.  Qualitative research methods will explore the experiences of First Nations tutors, their motivations for undertaking the role, barriers and enablers to career progression and cultural safety, as well as obtaining cultural insights into partnerships with Indigenous communities.

A logic model evaluation of Ways of Knowing in healthcare: A program designed to build cultural safety and collaborative practice

Joanne Bolton, Dr Ngaree Blow and Professor Elizabeth Molloy

Using a logic model program evaluation process, this research will explore how the "Ways of Knowing" program is being received by staff and students, and to what extent it has supported the development of collaborative and culturally safe capabilities. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods will appropriately be selected to support cultural and psychological safety of the research processes, and the outcomes will inform how we can continue to improve the experience and impact of this important curriculum.

Genuinely engaging for co-design: Developing a resource for participatory health research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people with mental-ill health

Dr Jennifer Bibb, Mr Phillip Orcher, Mr Josh Moorhouse, Ms Caroline Tjung & Professor Victoria Palmer

The aim of this project is to develop a three-part video series to support new approaches to diversity and inclusion. These videos will be co-produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with lived-experience of mental ill-health. They will be available to Faculty staff and students and the wider University to support researchers embarking on co-design or participatory health research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people who live with mental ill-health.

Advocating for early to mid career academics within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Dr Marianne Coleman, Dr Flora Hui, A/Prof Kristin Diemer, Dr Gemma McKibbin; Dr Michelle Hall, Dr Belinda Lawford, Dr Kate Hayward, Dr Rebecca Jarden, Dr Elaina Kefalianos

This collaborative project from early-mid career academics aims to better identify and advocate for early-mid career academic issues. The project will use a participatory, systematic approach, that promotes inclusion and maximises reach to EMCAs across the MDHS Faculty.

Student experiences of diversity and inclusion in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Dr Megan Sharp, Dr Barrie Shannon, Dr Ruby Grant
This project aims to develop a better understanding of how students experience diversity and inclusion within the MDHS Faculty. The project will use innovative visual methods to address key research questions and will produce rich qualitative data to share the perception and story of MDHS students’ lived experiences.