An evaluation of Ways of Knowing in healthcare

An evaluation of Ways of Knowing in healthcare: A program designed to build cultural safety and collaborative practice

Using a logic model evaluation process, this research explores how the "Ways of Knowing" program is being received by staff and students, and to what extent it has supported the development of collaborative and culturally safe capabilities.

Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used to support the cultural and psychological safety of the research processes. The outcomes will inform how we can continue to improve the experience and impact of the Ways of Knowing curriculum.

This project was supported by an MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grant 2021.

Dr Joanne Bolton, Melbourne Medical School

Dr Ngaree Blow, Melbourne Medical School

Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Melbourne Medical School and Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

The Ways of Knowing Collaborative Leadership team received the Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education, University of Melbourne Teaching Excellence Award 2022