Advocating for early to mid career academics in MDHS

Perceptions of diversity and inclusion at UoM by ECMAs

This collaborative project from early-mid career academics (ECMA) set out to identify and advocate for early-mid career academic issues.

The project used a participatory and systematic approach including a survey about awareness of and engagement with diversity and inclusion events and initiatives, at Faculty and University levels.

This project was supported by an MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grant 2021.

Dr Marianne Coleman, Optometry and Vision Sciences

A/Prof Kristin Diemer, Social Work

Dr Flora Hui, Optometry and Vision Sciences

Dr Belinda Lawford, Physiotherapy

Dr Gemma McKibbin, Social Work

A/Prof Michelle Hall, Physiotherapy

A/Prof Kate Hayward, Physiotherapy

Dr Rebecca Jarden, Nursing

Dr Elaina Kefalianos, Audiology and Speech Pathology

For information about this project, please contact: Dr Marianne Coleman, Melbourne School of Health Sciences

    Getting people who care about issues of equality to attend workshops and seminars and conferences, doesn't give them any more power to make systemic change.

-- Survey participant --

A key finding is that early and mid-career academics across the faculty are time-poor and unable to engage with activities outside their immediate workload.

The research team presented their findings to the Early Career Academic Network (ECAN) and have published a rapid review of the challenges and opportunities for ECMAs in MDHS:

  • Piano M, Diemer K et al. A rapid review of challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion as experienced by early and mid-career academics in the medicine, dentistry and health sciences fields. BMC Medical Education, April 2023.
  • Piano M, Diemer K et al. Awareness of, interest in, and engagement with Faculty-level diversity and inclusion events by MDHS early and mid-career academics. Poster presentation, MDHS Early Career Academic Network, 2022.