Eligibility criteria, recognising scholars making a positive impact on our Faculty's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Eligible staff include fixed-term and continuing academic staff in the
Faculty at Levels B and C

Staff must not already be employed, as part of their normal roles and responsibilities, to undertake scholarly-based work that is aligned with our Faculty’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and that contributes to the achievement of our Faculty’s Diversity and Inclusion targets

Selection criteria, guiding the values-based assessment of applications

In assessing applications for Grants, the Faculty's diverse and inclusive Selection Panel
will consider:

Clarity of objectives and their alignment with our Faculty’s
Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Intended outcomes, including the capacity to develop new approaches, build on or re-examine existing understandings of diversity and inclusion, and contribute to the achievement of the Faculty’s Diversity and Inclusion targets

Opportunities for the work to demonstrate high-quality and impact, including to attract future funding

Opportunities for sustainable divisional, institutional or sector-wide adoption of new approaches and understandings of diversity and inclusion

The extent to which the proposed work would raise the visibility and profile of the Faculty in matters relating to diversity and inclusion (for example engaging with more than a small group of staff or a single School or Department)

Existing challenges or barriers preventing the work from otherwise being funded and completed