Award conditions

Conditions of award, including expectations of awardees

Up to two grants will be awarded in 2021, up to a maximum amount of $25,000 per award.

Funding can be used to support salary and research-related expenses directly related to the research activity. Eligible expenses include: consumables, contribution towards salary of an existing RA/postdoc who as part of their overall duties is working directly on the research. Prior approval must be sought for equipment purchases.

Awards are available up to a maximum period of 12 months, nominally for the period 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022.

The recipient is responsible for the project, for its concept, and for communication of the results.  The strategic decisions called for in pursuit of the research, progress and research results must be shared with the Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion. Results of the research are intended to inform Faculty strategy.

Recipients are expected to provide appropriate acknowledgement of University support when communicating research outcomes.

Recipients are required to provide a written report using the template at the six month point, and also on completion of the grant. This report should provide information on the research achievements, publishable outcomes, and details of applications submitted to external funding bodies.