Travel Support Recipients

Georgina Sweet Travel Support for a Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science

Guest SpeakerConference Conference Date
Professor Tatyana Polenova12th Australia and New Zealand society for Magnetic Resonance conference (ANZMAG)25th November 2019
Professor Ling Ling Chen(ASBMB)1st October 2019
Prof Amy Keating13th Australian Peptide Conference8th September 2019
Prof Sharon ToozeThe Hunter Meeting Australia18th March 2019
Prof Andrea AblasserLorne Infection and Immunity Conference20th February 2019
Prof. Eleanor DodsonLorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function10th February 2019
Prof. Jackie YingAsian Biophysics Association Symposium2nd December 2018
Prof. Jane AldrichRACI Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Conference18th November 2018
A/Prof. Caroline Buckee1st Malaria World Congress1st July 2018
Prof. Marylyn RitchieLorne Genome 11th February 2018
Prof. Nieng YanLorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function 4th February 2018
Prof. Jean LanghorneMalaria in Melbourne 26th October 2017
Prof. Amy HerrAustralia New Zealand Nano-Microfluidics Symposium (ANZNMF) 26th June 2017
A/Prof. Sharon BrowningGenemappers 26th April 2017
Prof. Julia Cooper ACCM: Cell Cycle, DNA Damage Response & Telomeres 27th March 2017
Prof. Carol Robinson Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function 5th February 2017
A/Prof. Millicent O'Sullivan Australian Colloid & Interface Symposium 29th January 2017
Prof. Suzanne Scarlatta Australian Physiological Society/Australian Society for Biophysics 4th December 2016
Prof. Sylvie Manguin International Conference for Tropical Medicine and Malaria 18th September 2016
Prof. Elizabeth WinzelerMolecular Approaches to Malaria 21st February 2016
Prof. Karen DaviesAustralian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis, Melbourne 31st January 2016