Brian and Ann Dooley PhD Scholarship

Study level
Graduate Research
Enrolment status
Future student; Current student
Study Area
Melbourne Dental School
Fund source
Perpetual Trust (UOM)


Purpose: ‘Gift must only be used for ‘infrastructure, equipment, research or the awarding of scholarships but excluding for the purposes of scholarship funds or for any other purpose at the discretion of my executors’.

These scholarships are to support Graduate Research students in the Melbourne Dental School.

This is a gift from the estate of Margaret Ann Dooley but will be recognised as a gift from Brian and Ann Dooley. Brian was an alumnus of the Melbourne Dental School (BDSc, 1949) who predeceased Ann and his Will included an identical gift to the Melbourne Dental School, which was subsequently realised through Ann’s estate.


Dependent on award, from $10,320 to $34,400 (or current stipend rate) per annum for up to 3.5 years.

The Award may be a full stipend (full or part time student) or a partial (top up) stipend to a recipient of a Faculty Scholarship. The equivalent of one full and one half stipend will be awarded over each two year period.

Disclaimer: The benefit amount for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.


To be eligible for the award students must be applying for

  • a graduate degree program (PhD or MPhil) in research in the Melbourne Dental School.

*Receipt of the award is contingent on accepting an offer to study at the University.


Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of academic merit, faculty scholarship score, project proposal, demonstrated interest and capacity to undertake a research project and career aspiration.

The selection committee will base its assessment on the application form, academic transcripts, the faculty scholarship score, the student's project proposal, CV and referee reports, and may conduct interviews with applicants to best support clear and transparent selection processes.


Applicants to Graduate Research degrees at the Melbourne Dental School will be automatically considered for this scholarship at the time of submission of their application to the degree and concurrent consideration for a Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship.

No additional application is required.

Successful candidates will be advised of the outcome of their application according to the Faculty's published timelines.


Please contact for any questions about this award.

More information

Subject to good academic progress the student will retain the scholarship for the duration of their degree.  If in the opinion of the selection committee, no suitable candidate is available in a particular year, the net annual income from that year may be added to the capital sum and the award may not be made.

The scholarship is subject to the MDHS Graduate Research Trust Scholarships terms & conditions.

The scholarship may be revoked if the recipient fails to meet any of the above conditions.

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