Examples of Concerns

Concerns about your fitness to practice may be raised if you:

  • engage in behaviour that is outside the bounds of what is considered acceptable, or worthy, for membership of your intended profession (this may be an example of professional misconduct);
  • display a disability or health condition that impairs your capacity to practice as required by the profession (this may be an example of professional unsuitability); or
  • demonstrate performance that is not consistent with the profession’s established standards.

In these circumstances, a fitness to practice concern may be reported to the Faculty, where it will be investigated.

The Fitness to Practice Policy is not intended for minor breaches that are usually managed as part of your placement or subject professional behaviour hurdles. However, if you were to make multiple minor breaches, or persistently demonstrate inappropriate behaviour/s, these may be considered a fitness to practice concern and may be reported and investigated as appropriate.

Note: Academic misconduct or general misconduct are investigated according to the Student Conduct Policy (MPF1324) and the Student Academic Integrity Policy (MPF1310). They do not fall under the scope of the Student Fitness to Practice Policy (MPF1345).

MDHS Student Fitness to Practice Process