MDHS Student Fitness to Practice Process

The Fitness to Practice process is initiated when a claim is made about your behaviour in relation to professional misconduct and/or professional unsuitability. The claim may be made by staff of the University, placement staff, other students, or members of the public (e.g. patients).

After a claim is received, it may be processed in a Preliminary Stage, which has an educational focus, or a Formal Stage, which has a more disciplinary focus. The Preliminary Stage involves a meeting with the Fitness to Practice Officer for your course to discuss the claim and to educate you on the behavioural expectations of your intended profession.

The Formal Stage involves an investigation. The outcome of the investigation may lead to a Fitness to Practice Committee Hearing (a formal meeting with a committee). The Formal Stage can result in sanctions ranging from a written learning contract through to exclusion from your course.

The flowchart outlines the process.

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