Honours Alumni Mentor Program

The Honours Alumni Mentor Program connects commencing Honours students with a PhD student mentor to assist in the transition from an undergraduate course to entering the world of research at the University of Melbourne. This mentor has completed an Honours year and can give personalised advice about the experience, help their mentee make connections with their peers, and help them learn more about the coursework/research options available to them after their studies.

At the beginning of the program, Honours students are matched with a group of their peers and a mentor from the same research institute. This group will provide students with a solid support network that will be there each step of the way and are expected to meet regularly throughout the year. In addition to meetings, participants are invited to program-exclusive events and workshops to upskill their academic and professional abilities along with networking within groups and with participants of other faculty mentoring programs.

You can find out more about the program and what it is like to be a mentor or mentee in the program handbook.

Here is what previous mentees have to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Honours Alumni Mentoring program and it gave me the opportunity to meet with other honours students from MDHS, which is great since we tend to be based in many different institutes, so meeting each other in any other way is difficult.”

“I like how I've made a connection with a mentor that has done the honours program, and seeing where they are now, and the processes they went through to get there. My mentor is a PhD candidate, and this is a potential pathway that I am interested in, so it is very insightful. I also like how I've been connected to other honours students in my group from different specialties. Honours can be very isolating, so it is valuable for me to have other honours students I can talk to about difficulties or challenges that I might be facing and hear about theirs too.”

“My favourite part of the Honours Alumni Mentoring Program is having the opportunity to interact with other students and mentors about their honours experiences. It helped me particularly when I was worried that I might be falling behind but knowing we were all going through the program together stopped me from becoming too stressed. The events were also all very well put together and we're all very enjoyable.”

For Mentees

  • How do I become a Mentee?

    Mentee applications are open now until 4pm 17th February. If you're an eligible Honours student, you would have received an invitation to submit an application via your student inbox.

  • What will I get out of the program?
    • A strong support network to guide you through what can be a high-pressure and sometimes isolating year.
    • An opportunity to connect with your peers and the wider faculty research community, making friends and professional contacts as you go.
    • Access to program exclusive networking events, resources and workshops specifically tailored to the Honours student experience.
    • An invitation to official program events to celebrate achievements within the program (catering and gifts included).
    • You will strengthen your professional attributes such as reliability, confidence, and communication.
  • Expectations

    To get the most of out your experience in the program, as a Mentee you should:

    • Actively engage with your group and mentor by responding to communication promptly and being punctual to your meetings.
    • Behave respectfully towards others and provide an inclusive environment for all.
    • Go to your mentor for support and guidance - in some cases they may refer you to different services to get specialised support or assistance.

For Mentors

  • Why become a mentor?

    Develop your skills:

    • Gain leadership training and practical experience.
    • Develop your interpersonal, communication and group facilitation skills.
    • Expand your professional network within the University community.

    Make a difference:

    • Help honours students succeed in their first research project by sharing your experience and being a much-needed support along the way.
    • Help new students develop a sense of belonging within their institute and university cohort.
    • Make new friends and meet new people.

    Be rewarded:

    • Mentoring is a high-demand professional skill, add the program to your resume to strengthen job applications.
    • Attend program-exclusive social events throughout the year.
    • Receive an exclusive mentor hoodie!
  • What is my role as a mentor?

    As a mentor, you will be supporting a small group of students from your research institution as they embark on their Honours year. Mentors are not expected to have all the answers to questions a mentee might ask; instead, you will be able to share your own experiences, provide information and refer students to university services for advice, model how to seek help and guide students to gain the confidence to find their own answers. By sharing your own university experiences, you can encourage and motivate mentees to pursue their goals and consider their study and career options after they have completed their Honours.

    There are no requirements for how many times you must meet with your mentees over the duration of the program, however, we recommend that you book in regular sessions (approximately one per month) with your mentor group to ensure they are appropriately supported.

  • How to become a mentor?

    To become a mentor in the Honours Alumni Mentoring Program, you will need to be:

    A student studying a PhD within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne who has previously completed an Honours degree.

    • In good academic standing (not at risk).
    • A student with no history of academic misconduct.
    • Able to attend compulsory training and orientation activities.
    • Able to commit to at least 20 hours of volunteering throughout the year.
    • Membership in clubs and societies

    The application recruitment process:

    • Submit an application – applications will open in February 2023.
    • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in an assessment centre.
    • Applicants are advised of outcome.
    • Attend mandatory training.
    • Allocated to a group of up to 5 honours students.
  • What support will I receive?

    We have a range of supports in place to help you throughout your Mentoring experience.

    Student Intern
    Our Student Intern is a current PhD student employed to assist in delivering the Honours Alumni Mentoring Program. They will check on you throughout the semester, be there for you to ask questions to and point you in the right direction to get assistance, if needed. They will also organise social and networking events throughout the year for our mentors.

    Student Life team
    The Student Life team are the professional staff delivering this program. They can assist with any questions you might have, organise training and workshops for your professional development, and handle the day-to-day operation of the Honours Alumni Mentoring Program. Find out how to contact us.