Infection and immunisation

Change is coming!
We're making student infection and immunisation requirements clearer and easier from October 2018. Keep an eye on your student email and this website for more information.

As you prepare to undertake studies in healthcare and community environments, it is important to understand that there is a risk that infection might occur between you and a patient, client or other contact. This can have serious or life-threatening implications for you and for others, so it is essential that you remain sufficiently protected at all times.

The Infectious Diseases and Immunisation Procedure below outlines the process for being correctly immunised and providing evidence of this to the University. All students are required to read and follow the instructions in this document:

Infectious Diseases and Immunisation Procedure
PDF, 95.86 KB

All students are required complete the Infectious Diseases and Immunisation Declaration annually in collaboration with an Australian-registered doctor. Once the document has been completed and signed by both people, it must be submitted via the online form below.

Infection and Immunisation Declaration PDF, 232.61 KB

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  • What if I'm not immunised?

    Students who are not fully immunised (whether as a result of refusal, a failure to seroconvert, sensitivity, medical contra-indication or for any other reason) may be unable to complete some placements. The University will liaise with your placement providers to identify what impact your situation might have on placement activity. The placement provider may also wish to speak with you directly.

    The University will endeavour to source appropriate placements for you, and a staff member from your department will liaise with you directly regarding any impacts.

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