Conclusion of Placement

Outlined below are a few steps to successfully complete the placement:

  1. End of placement assessment

    The End Placement Assessment requires that the students self-rate Units and Elements on COMPASS® first, following which you rate the student on Units only. This is their summative assessment, meaning that the University uses this rating to determine if the student has passed or failed their placement. Students are encouraged to use your feedback to guide their learning goals for their next placement.

  2. Logging clinical hours

    Students may ask you to sign their clinical hours form - this is not a mandatory requirement from the University but some students choose to log clinical hours for future overseas registration. You can ask the student to provide evidence of how they calculated their hours before signing

  3. Approval of feedback and work

    • Students may ask you to sign a sample of feedback you have provided them.
    • Students should show you any de-identified work they are submitting as part of their portfolio e.g. a written report, assessment form, progress note etc. Your local policy will also determine whether they are permitted to copy these types of de-identified documents.
  4. Provide feedback on students

    • We welcome feedback from students and clinical educators about the structure of the clinical placement.
    • On certain placements, we seek nominations from Clinical Educators for students who have demonstrated clinical excellence on their placement which we use to inform Clinical Excellence Awards.


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