The University of Melbourne Interprofessional Education and Practice team is actively involved in contributing to national and international learning and teaching best practice in interprofessional education through research projects, grants, awards, conference presentations and publications.

  • Publications

    Satur J, Forsyth C, Bolton J (2021). Joining the dots: A dental Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety curriculum. The University of Melbourne Dental School for the Australasian Council of Dental Schools. (In Press).

    Ryan A, Hatala R, Brydges R, Molloy E (2020). Learning With Patients, Students, and Peers: Continuing Professional Development in the Solo Practitioner Workplace. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions. 10.1097/CEH.0000000000000307

    Paxino J, Molloy E, Denniston C, Woodward-Kron R (2020). Communication in interprofessional rehabilitation teams: a scoping review. Disability and Rehabilitation (IDRE)

    Molloy E, Boud D, & Henderson M. (2020). Developing a learning-centred framework for feedback literacy. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. (4) 527-540

    Delany C and Molloy E (eds) (2018) Learning and Teaching in Clinical Contexts. Elsevier, Sydney.

    Noble, C, Sly C, Collier L, Armit L, Hilder J, & Molloy E. (2019) “It’s yours to take”: generating learner feedback literacy in the workplace. Advances in Health Sciences Education doi 10.1007/s10459-019-09905-5

    Bolton J & Andrews S (2018). "I learnt more than from any lecture": Indigenous space and place for teaching Indigenous health to Physiothearpy students. Physical Therapy Review 23 (1) 35-39.

  • Grants

    Bolton J, Blow N, Molloy E (2021). A logic model evaluation of ‘ways of knowing’ in healthcare: A program designed to build cultural safety and collaborative practice. MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grant.$25,000

    Molloy E, Bolton J, Denniston C, Bridge N, Virtue D, Donald K, Tey C (2021). A Pedagogy for Professional Noticing for Collaborative Practice. Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant. The University of Melbourne. $30,000

    Molloy E, Gray A, Tse J, Trumble S, Clement T, Vaughan B, Murphy J (2021). Boosting clinical supervision capacity across the health professions: A three-tiered professional development package for supervisors at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. Department of Health Funding successful for $106, 915 (100 CSO places, 40 clinicians through 5 PLCs, 5 full scholarships for Grad Cert Health Professions Education)

    Molloy E, Bolton J, Hill N (2021). Developing feedback know-how’ Faculty MDHS Seed Funding. The University of Melbourne $5000

    Bolton J, Blow N, Molloy E (2021). Exploring Pedagogies of Discomfort: A case study of Ways of Knowing in building understanding in First Nations Health and interprofessional education. ANZAHPE Education Research Grant. $5000

    Meiklejohn S, Bolton J & Donald K (2020). Whose role is it anyway? Developing professional identity through interprofessional education and practice. Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences Learning & Teaching Seed Grant $5000

    Bolton J, Andrews S, Blow N, Remedios L (2020). Teaching and learning together: Co-developing online interprofessional cultural safety training for MDHS staff and students. University of Melbourne Learning and Teaching Grant $24,000. Project Advisory Team: Associate Professor Lilon Bandler, Mr Alister Thorpe, Ms Madelyn Hudson-Buhagiar, Dr Sarah Meiklejohn, Dr Karen Donald, Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane, Naomi Norris

    Leung C, Molloy E, Gray A (2019). Developing an interprofessional education intervention in a Hospital Outpatient Clinic (telehealth). MACH Education and Workforce Training Grant $80,000

  • Presentations

    Invited Presentations

    Molloy E (2021) The science of feedback in a competency based curriculum. Keynote speaker for the University of Toronto Medical Education Symposium. Dec 2021

    Molloy E and Ajjawi R (2021) What individuals and institutions can do to improve feedback ANZAHPE Online Series August 2021

    Molloy E (2021) The role of Intellectual Candour in disrupting educational rituals in the operating theatre. The Hamilton Russell Memorial Lecture. RACS Scientific Congress in Collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Melbourne, Australia 10-14 May 2021

    Molloy E (2021) KIPRIME Fellow Keynote Developing learner feedback literacy: seeking, processing and using performance relevant information for the task, and beyond Karolinksa Institute Stockholm, Sweden October 2021

    Blow N & Bolton J (2021) Embedding First Nations health into curriculum. Australian Council of Deans Community of Practice, December 2021

    Satur J, Forsyth C & Bolton J (2021) Cultural safety curriculum in Australia. College of Oral Health Academics (COHA) 2021 Virtual Conference, University of Otago, Keynote presentation November 2021

    Bolton J & Donald K (2021) Interprofessional Education Facilitator Training: Is wholly online a feasible model? Department of Medical Education Research Roundtable, University of Melbourne, November 2021

    Molloy E (2020) Learner-Centred Feedback: what would it look like? Allied Health Clinical Education Forum Feedback and coaching to sustain learner centred practice. Brisbane, Nov 2020

    Bolton J & Remedios L (2020) Indigenous health and Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students Network: Building towards Allyship. Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students Network Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

    Molloy E (2019) Developing Expertise in the health workforce: recognising transitions and supporting conditions. Keynote at APA Conference, Adelaide, October 2019

    Molloy E (2019) The Challenge of Learning in the Workplace. World Congress of Intensive Care Melbourne, Australia, October 2019.

    Molloy E (2019) Interprofessional Education: Getting it right and keeping it right. Melbourne Academic Centre for Health Workplace Learning Symposium Melbourne, February 2019

    Molloy E (2018) Trailblazing in work integrated learning. Keynote presentation. Allied Health Clinical Education Conference Queensland, Brisbane, 12th October 2018

    Molloy E (2018) Rethinking feedback in the workplace. Keynote for Interprofessional education Conference, ACT . Canberra, 12th June 2018

    Molloy E (2018) What Works? Perspectives on Feedback and Assessment. Keynote for the University of Adelaide’s Learning and Teaching Symposium, Adelaide, Friday 20th July 2018

    Molloy E (2018) Empowering others to engage in feedback. Network of Critical Care Education Conference Friday 27th July, Melbourne

    Bolton J (2018) Using the Discussion Board in a Curriculum Change. Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Symposium, School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne invited speaker representing Department of Physiotherapy

    Conference Research Presentations

    Denniston C, Griffiths L, Molloy E (2021) Accessing student & academic perspectives to develop a framework to optimise work integrated learning across the health professions. ANZAHPE Conference 2021

    Bearman M, Molloy E, Ajjawi R, Watling C, (2021) How evaluative judgement development varies between medical specialties. ANZAHPE Conference 2021

    Satur J, Forsyth C & Bolton J (2021) Developing an Indigenous Oral Health Cultural Safety Curriculum for all Dental and Oral Health Programs in Australia. POCHE Indigenous Health Network 10th Annual Research Showcase, University of Sydney

    Denniston C, Griffiths L, Molloy E (2020) Good WIL hunting: Developing standards for work integrated learning across a large health sciences faculty. ANZAHPE Conference, Oral presentation. Melbourne July 2020. Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Griffiths L, Molloy E, Denniston C (2020) Students’ perspectives on effective work integrated learning: Results of an interprofessional survey study. ANZAHPE Conference, Oral presentation. Melbourne July 2020. Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Bolton J, Remedios L, Andrews S, Blow N, Clements T (2020) Learning from Indigenous Place and Voice: An Interprofessional Learning Experience. Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE). Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Remedios L, Bolton J, Blow N, Clements T (2020) Actioning allyship in Indigenous health education: Acknowledging privilege and the  associated (Dis)comfort. Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE). Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Cracknell C (2020) Using the Sustainable Development Goals, a model of immersion learning and interprofessional practice to develop global citizenship in health professional students. Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE). Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Osman F, Cracknell C (2020) Student clubs as a hidden resource for raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE). Conference cancelled (pandemic)

    Bearman M, Ajjawi R, Tai J, Molloy E, Bennett S, Esterhazy R (2019) Examining the taken-for-granted in assessment and feedback. Research Symposium. ProPEL 2019 conference, Sydney.

    Molloy E and Bearman M (2019). Intellectual Candour: Risks and Benefits for learners and teachers. ANZAHPE Conference, Canberra July, 2019  Watling C, Schrewe B, Ellaway R,

    Molloy E (2019) Exploring transitions and context in workplace learning. Conference Workshop, CCME Niagara Falls, Canada, April 2019

    Molloy E, Boud D, Henderson M (2019) The development of a student feedback literacy framework: implications for health professions education. Research Paper (oral) AMEE Conference, Vienna, Austria, August 2019

    Molloy E, Woodward-Kron R, Lew S, Laverhome M, Dodds A, Hughson J (2018) More than another set of hands? Medical students’ contributions to healthcare through placement. AMEE Conference, Basel, Switzerland, oral presentation, August 2018.


    Molloy E (2021): Authentic learning: feedback know-how and noticing in collaborative care. MDHS Learning and Teaching Conference, Melbourne October 2021

    Molloy E, Boud D, Carless D, Lipdavik A, Winstone N (2019): Research on Student Feedback Literacy: An international Panel. CRADLE International Research Symposium, Geelong, Oct 2019.

    Molloy E (2019) Researching the Intersection of Workplace Learning and Diversity of Contexts in Clinical Training. Educational Research Symposium with Watling C, Schrewe B, Ellaway R (Bates absent) Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME), Niagara Falls, Canada, April 2019

  • Awards

    Bolton J, Blow N, Molly E, Hudson-Buhagiar M, Cochrance A, Remedios L, Donald K, Norris N, Clements T, Bandler L, Buttigieg H, Durham S, Carew P, Byrne S, Skeat J, Hill N, Eghrari D (2021). Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences Award for Program Innovation: Ways of Knowing in Healthcare

    Bolton J (2021) Dean's Fellowship for Learning and Teaching Excellence

    Bolton J (2020) Unversity Teaching Excellence Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Education