Learning and Teaching

IPE Curriculum Framework

The Faculty of MDHS's Interprofessional Education & Practice Development (IPEP) curriculum framework aims to develop students who are Collaborative Practice Ready when they transition into practice.  Six core IPE competencies guide all learning and teaching IPE activities:

  • Role Clarification
  • Team Functioning
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Interprofessional Conflict Resolution
  • Interprofessional Communication
  • Person/community centered care

The IPEP learning and teaching curriculum activities are integrated across the stages of students programs.

  1. ENGAGE with the 6 IPE competencies during 'beginner' program activities within curriculum
  2. EXPERIENCE an authentic interaction of the 6 IPE core competencies during 'middle' program activities, and
  3. ENABLE the 6 IPE core competencies during 'end' program leadership activities.

IPEP Curriculum Framework

Framework adapted from the Canadian National Interprofessional Education Competency Framework