Wednesday Program

Collaborative Practice


Pre-conference workshop: A Taste of Narrative Medicine
South Room, Woodward Conference Centre

Join Dr Mariam Tokhi and Dr Fiona Reilly for a Taste of Narrative Medicine, and explore its impact on practice and personal creativity. In this interactive workshop tailored specifically for health educators, you will explore this new field, with its intersection between art, literature, storytelling and clinical practice. Through hands-on exercises and guided discussions, you’ll learn how to enhance your own creativity and self-expression, as you discover the therapeutic potential of storytelling and learn about innovative narrative medicine approaches to healthcare. You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and joy, having had a taste of our new Narrative Medicine Discovery course. Speaker information. Registrations are essential for this session for which participation will be capped at 25.


Pre-conference meet up: Clinical Education Coffee Catch Up
West Room, Woodward Conference Centre

Would you like to connect over coffee with colleagues who share interests in clinical education and clinical educator development? From 8.30 on Wednesday 25th October, an informal coffee catch up will be held to support connections and sharing of current practices and upcoming work.

Join A/Prof Anthea Cochrane, Chair of the Student Advisory Placement Group, Dr Wonie Uahwatanasakul, co-lead of the GEM Scott Fellowship ‘Clinician-Educator Pathways: Creating a Community of Practice and pathways for career progression’, and further colleagues to extend your connections and interests in clinical education.


Main Conference Room, Woodward Conference Centre

Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences


A Conversation with Professor Tina Brock
Main Conference Room, Woodward Conference Centre

We begin our second day of the conference with a conversation with Professor Tina Brock, new Director of the MDHS Collaborative Practice Centre.

A pharmacist by background, Tina is a pioneer of interprofessional education and collaborative practice. Tina calls herself a “global honeybee” who buzzes around the world pollinating projects that improve health care. In addition to studying teamwork, she is a founding member of and co-hosts a monthly podcast called Pharmacy Fika. Tina can’t wait for Aust Open tennis to begin and to return to her aerial yoga practice… in Mandarin.

Under Tina’s leadership, the centre will work collaboratively with you and across the Faculty to drive stronger collaborations with patients, families, communities and other health professionals, in and beyond the health ecosystem.

Commencing with a conversation with Professor Liz Molloy, this informal chat will allow you opportunity to start to get to know Tina, her background and her interests in connecting with you for advancing collaborative practice.


Relationships for Collaborative Practice
Main Conference Room, Woodward Conference Centre

The ‘collaborative practice’ in the centre’s name speaks to both the ends of the centre, but also to ways of working. In this session, to be chaired by Professor Tina Brock, we invite a sharing of the ways in which relationships are being developed and ways they are informing exciting developments in health education, leadership, research and care.

Speakers from the Collaborative Practice Committee will offer snapshots and perspectives on how they nurture and privilege the relational aspects of their work. Join them to discuss opportunities for us all to seed, nurture and strengthen relationships for developments in collaborative practice.

Professor Tina Brock, Director, MDHS Collaborative Practice Centre

Josh Cubillo, Indigenous Health Leadership Coordinator, MDHS

Dr Vinita Rane, Professional Practice Theme Lead, Department of Medical Education

Associate Professor Quentin Fogg, Associate Professor, Clinical Anatomy, Department of Anatomy and Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences

Clara Luu, President Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students Network



Day 2 Presentation abstracts


Learning and Teaching in a Time of GenAI Conference Room (South) Woodward Centre
Chair: Dr Abi Brooker

Educational Co-design: The Lived Experience
Conference Room (North), Woodward Conference Centre
Chair: Dr Cathy Daniel

Teaching and Learning Innovations
West Room, Woodward Conference Centre
Chair: A/Prof Odilia Wijburg

Engaging Students
South Room, Woodward Conference Centre
Chair: Dr Aiden Smart


Using Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide assessment and individualised feedback at scale
Mr Keenan Hellyer, Mr Jairus Bowne, Dr Yossi Rathner, Dr Angelina Fong, A/Prof Charles Sevigny

Incorporating lived experience expertise into teaching in MDHS
Dr Megan Keage, Ms Stephanie Weir, Dr Kwang Cham, Dr Camille Paynter, Dr Charlotte Denniston, Dr Debra Virtue, A/Prof Matthew Lim, Ms Sarah Swann, Ms Joanne Bolton, Dr Hannah Stark, A/Prof Kelly Weir, Ms Bronwyn Tarrant

What do physiotherapy students identify as important when designing a trauma-informed approach to peer-physical examination?
Mx Free Coulston, Ms Jess Lees, Dr Kath Sellick, Dr Kim Allison, Dr Rachel Toovey
Contact: Free Coulston.

The use of escape rooms in nursing education
Dr Charne Miller, Associate Professor Snezana Kusljic, Mr John Thompson


Utility of the ChatGPT in developing speech pathology students’ skills in case history taking: Proof of concept
Dr Yeptain Leung

Exploring collaborative co-learning models between consumers and health professionals
Dr Sathana Dushyanthen, Dr Kara Burns. Presentation

Designing a new sensitive examination tutorial: the vulva
A/Prof Siobhan Bourke, Prof Jane Tomnay, A/Prof Jenny Hayes

Use of gaming pedagogy to increase student engagement and synchronous session dynamics in health sciences education
Ms Jade Ng, A/Prof.Snezana Kusljic


Designing meaningful assessments with ChatGPT: Case studies from Melbourne Dental School
Dr Michelle Mun, Ms Bree Jones, Dr Samantha Byrne, Professor Alastair Sloan

Engaging professional staff for curriculum co-design: authentic postgraduate teaching
Dr Sarah Londrigan, Dr Jessica Welch, A Prof Odilia Wijburg, Dr Mark Davies

Fostering diverse learning: How the interplay between learning environment and culture affects student engagement and performance
Dr Said Shafa, Dr Jun Cheng Xue, Dr Anthea Blunden, Dr Angelina Fong, Dr Jessica Borger, Dr Sophie Paquet-Fifield

The Otaro Project: A mixed reality and innovative educational experience. A pilot education case report
Mr Jonathan Ng, Mr Yifei Wang Wang, Ms Huijun Lao, Mr Taicheng Zhou, Prof Lihai Zhang, Dr. Kwang Cham


A hands-on demonstration and discussion for using generative AI to provide formative feedback
Mr Cory Dal Ponte

The Hearing Voices Program: Lived experience led discussions on human rights and controversial issues in university psychology curricula
Dr Chris Groot, Fay Jackson, Scott Gourlay

Online team debates – an original & engaging assessment format
Mr Hayden Frizzell

Engaging students and staff in redesigning the Bachelor of Oral Health capstone experience
Dr Roisin McGrath, Dr Samantha Byrne, Dr Clare McNally, Sally Lawson


Generative AI: Implications for teaching, learning and assessment
Main Conference Room, Woodward Conference Centre

We conclude our 2023 conference with a special plenary session on Generative AI: Implications for teaching, learning and assessment, led by Professor Margaret Bearman and Professor Phillip Dawson, both of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), Deakin University – speaker details below.

In February 2023, Margaret launched a series of TEQSA and CRADLE webinars on Generative AI in higher education by asking ‘ChatGPT: What do we need to know now?’. The series has engaged many thousands in conversations that have foregrounded scholarship, deep practical expertise, and an intrinsically human warmth and intellectual candour. Across and beyond the series, Phill and Margaret have extended discussions on Generative AI in relation to teaching and learning, assessment reform, academic integrity, research and more.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the launch of ChatGPT, Phill and Margaret look forward to joining you to extend conversations of some of what we have learned so far, and how we may continue to approach education in a time of Generative AI. Speaker details. Margaret's slides; Phill's slides.


Lunch at the Woodward

Tuesday 24 October 2023 - 9.30am – 1pm (Online)
Wednesday 25 October 2023 - 9:00am - 2:00pm (Woodward Conference Centre)

Contact: Tim Beaumont | | 03 8344 1562