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Education for Sustainability

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Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences


Keynote: Education for Sustainability
A/Prof Forbes McGain, Associate Dean Healthcare Sustainability, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

2023’s climate extremes are making ever more apparent the interconnectedness of human health and planetary health. Yet as news continues of unprecedented weather events, heatwaves, droughts and other environmental concerns, our Australian health care remains high carbon care. Many of us in health care and health education can also remain unsure of what, if anything, we can do for greater sustainability.

In this keynote, A/Prof Forbes McGain, Associate Dean Healthcare Sustainability, MDHS, will share examples of initiatives within health care and health education that are making real differences right now. Never one for doom and gloom or the too-hard basket, Forbes will invite us all to notice opportunities, to build connections, and to act for a more sustainable future.


Panel: Education for Sustainability
As planetary and human health are increasingly impacted by climate change and broader sustainability issues, recognition is growing of the role healthcare plays as a contributor to these problems as well as to the solutions.

In this panel, we will hear staff and student perspectives on strengthening planetary health and environmental sustainability in teaching and learning. Healthcare professionals not only need to be prepared to address the emerging care burden caused by climate change but also to engage in and lead positive practices that reduce the environmental harm of our professions. Educators of all students preparing for professional practice have a role in supporting this.

Through the panel, we will engage with voices of well-established leaders in education for sustainability, and also voices of emergent journeys – of colleagues and students who have noticed issues, and from this noticing, are now leading new collaborations and actions. The panel will invite reflection on what we may all do in our own contexts, but the visions to be explored will be less about individuals, but of further opportunities to connect, to learn from each other, and to draw upon shared expertise so we can all strengthen our approaches to this planetary scale challenge.

A/Prof Forbes McGain, Associate Dean Healthcare Sustainability, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

A/Prof Ken Winkel, Teaching Specialist, Centre for Health Policy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, and Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences representative to the University Sustainability Advisory Group

Ms Bree Jones, Lecturer Oral Health, Melbourne Dental School, PhD Candidate for the Inflammatory Origins Research Group at Murdoch Children Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Chair of the MDHS Student Advisory Council subcommittee for graduate research

Dr Charne Miller, Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching in Nursing

Dr Sonia Chanchlani, Senior Fellow, Sustainability, Climate and Health in the Medical School

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Day 1 Presentation abstracts


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Clinical Education
Chair: A/Prof Anthea Cochrane

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Chair: Dr Charne Miller

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IPE, Assessment and Feedback
Chair: Joanne Bolton

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Staff Learning and Experience
Chair: Dr Rosa McCarty


Are we nurturing students and supervisors to prepare students for clinical practice?
Ms Claire Mustchin, Dr Asli Mccarthy, Dr Samantha Byrne

A strength-based approach in medical education - What are the possibilities?
Dr Rachael Coutts, Ms Danielle Clayman

Defining professionalism across the FMDHS
Dr Kwang Cham, Dr Charlotte Denniston, Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Mrs Tamara Clements

Ergonomic facilitators and barriers to the academic’s vocal health
Dr Yeptain Leung


Technology self-efficacy and acceptance of telehealth technology in optometry students
Dr Jia Jia Lek, Dr Kwang Meng Cham, Dr Mark Merolli

The association between assessment and student mental health
A/Prof Melissa Russell, Prof Lena Sanci, Ms Beauty Tebaa, Prof Nicola Reavley, Dr Ian Williams, Dr Ann-Maree Duncan

Electronic Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (eOSCE) website
Dr Kwang Cham, A/Prof Anthea Cochrane, Dr Selwyn Prea, Mr Jonathan Ng

Decasualising the oral health 'clinical teaching' academic workforce at the Melbourne Dental School
Dr Roisin McGrath, Dr Clare McNally, Bree Jones


E-learning simulations for teaching clinical decision-making in an audiology training program
Mr Patrick Bowers, A/Prof Dani Tomli, Dr Kelley Graydon

First Nation perspectives in nursing curriculum
Dr Cathy Daniel, Ms Adi Lipscomb, Ms Heather Buttigieg, Dr Charne Miller, Dr Cathy Daniel, Ms Liz Currie

More to say than "good job" - using co-design to support students engage in feedback conversations in an interprofessional community pediatric screening program
Dr Peter Carew, Dr Selwyn Prea, Dr Tandy Hasting-Ison, Ms Christine Nearchou, Dr Deb Virtu, Ms Jocelyn Phillips

Advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning in MDHS: Your journey in SoTL
Mr Tim Beaumont, Dr Angelina Fong, Dr Kwang Cham


The barriers and enablers to implementing entrustable professional activities in dental education
Miss Monica Ramzy, Dr Clare McNally, Dr Samantha Byrne

The outcomes of an interdisciplinary yarning circle
Dr Grace Nixon, Dr Kelley Graydon, A/Prof Anthea Cochrane

Productive feedback conversations: How does a simulation-based pedagogy influence medical student feedback literacy
Ms Carolyn Cracknell, Mrs Tamara Clements, Prof Anna Ryan, A/Prof Leonie Griffiths, Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron, A/Prof Lisa Cheshire, Dr Vinita Rane, A/Prof Louisa Ng, Dr Jennifer Keast, Dr Christy Noble, Lia Carrick and Professor Elizabeth Molloy

A community of practice approach to support MD1 staff to develop their small group facilitation skills
Dr Kylie Fitzgerald, A/Prof Lisa Cheshire, Mrs Tamara Clements


Supporting Clinical Reasoning Using Branching Scenarios (SCRUBS) for future dental practitioners
Mr Matthew White, Ms Claire Mustchin, Dr Katharine Dal Santo, Ms Bree Jones

ChatFest 2.0: supporting international students in the Melbourne School of Health Sciences
Dr Naomi Brockenshire, Ms Bronwyn Tarrant, Ms Philippa Marriott

Eyes, ears and mouth screenings for rural schoolchildren: A pilot interprofessional collaborative practice outreach model
Dr Roisin McGrath, Dr Kelley  Graydon, A/Prof  Anthea Cochrane, Patrick Bowers, Caroline Koedyk, A/Prof Rebecca Wong

Cultivating clinical educators professional identity through collaboration: An emerging and persistent theme at an intensive workshop
Mrs Louise Palmer, Ms Katia Forbes, Dr Kylie Fitzgerald, Dr Brett Vaughan


Interdisciplinary clinical placement abroad: Learnings from a two-week program
Dr Lauren Story, Dr Andrew Huhtanen

The educational journey to empathy and normalisation of mental health and well-being
Ms Kate Strickland, A/Prof Femke Buisman-Pijlman

Learning from each other: reimagining feedback during clinical placements
Ms Donella Chisari, Dr Kwang Cham, Miss Zoe McNeice, Mr Frank Mount, Ms Jacinta Gerin

Health system transformation – co-designing system change and education with health sector leaders
Prof Rosemary McKenzie, Dr Sonia Chanchlani

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Tuesday 24 October 2023 - 9.30am – 1pm (Online)
Wednesday 25 October 2023 - 9:00am - 2:00pm (Woodward Conference Centre)

Contact: Tim Beaumont | timothy.beaumont@unimelb.edu.au | 03 8344 1562