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Authenticity and Innovation in Learning and Teaching

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Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

Professor Marilys Guillemin, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.


Panel Discussion: ‘Authenticity’ in Student Learning

Disruptions caused by the pandemic have drawn into greater relief how essential it is for learning and assessment to be ‘authentic’. But how do we understand this authenticity, and how well do we support it? This panel will explore some challenges and possibilities in ensuring that our students’ learning is authentic. We will hear from three panellists and will engage with each other in discussions focussed on increasing authenticity in student learning.

Panel Chair: Dr Leonie Griffiths, Director of Medical Student Education for Northern Clinical School, Melbourne Medical School; Chair, Clinical Placements Committee, MDHS; General Practitioner, Northern Health.


Professor Elizabeth Molloy: Professor of Work Integrated Learning, Deputy Head, Department of Medical Education, Melbourne Medical School, Academic Director, Interprofessional education and practice (IPEP), FMDHS.

Associate Professor Anna Ryan: Director of Assessment, Department of Medical Education, Melbourne Medical School, FMDHS.

Morgan Perry: Final Year Master of Speech Pathology student, President of the Speech Pathology Students’ Society (SPSS), GSA FMDHS Clinical Placements Committee Student Representative.

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Padlet: Day 1 Engage with this Padlet outside of the panel session




Parallel Presentations 
Download of all presenter abstracts for Day 1 (PDF 342.1 KB)


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Clinical Learning

Chair: Dr Kelley Graydon

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Teaching Innovation 1

Chair: Dr Abi Brooker

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Teaching Innovation 2

Chair: Dr Karen Donald


How Six Optometry Schools Adapted their Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Jia Jia Lek, Hui Shan Lim, Dr Anuradha Narayanan, Dr Jessica Neuville, Dr Krithica Srinivasan, Jessica Shan Mei Yang, Dr Kwang Meng Cham

Interprofessional Education: a Practical Health Sciences Experience for Students

Dr Peter Carew,  Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane

“Thought-Provoking   and Inspirational” Engaging Staff in Curriculum Innovation

Dr Samantha Byrne, Dr Clare McNally


Implementing Digital Technologies for Meaningful Remote Student Experiences

Dr Rita Hardiman, Dr Kwang Cham, Jairus Bowne, Keenan Hellyer, Julie Owen, Dr Anu Polster

Exploring Interdisciplinary Professionalism Through Creativity and Diversity

Dr Kwang Meng Cham, Dr Anu Polster, Dr Guy Morrow

Development of a Curriculum Framework for Learning Health Systems

Professor Kathleen Gray, Dr Kayley Lyons, Dr Dawn Choo, Dr Daniel Capurro, Dr Douglas Pires, Professor Wendy Chapman


An Interactive Imagination: Digital Clinical Simulations for Audiology Students

Donella Chisari, Patrick Bowers

Innovative Dance Workshops forPhys iotherapy Students – Educator Perspectives

Dr Natalie Fini, Cassie McDonald, Dr Kim Dunphy, Anna Smith, Dr Kate Cameron, Dr Ella Dumaresq, Dr Kelly Bower, Associate Professor Fiona Dobson, Dr Deb Virtue, Dr Karen Donald

Your Quest Begins Now! EBMQuest, an Online Interactive Fiction Module for Medical Student Engagement in Evidence-based Practice

Dr Aiden Varan, Dr Ken Winkel, Associate Professor Rosemary McKenzie


Teaching and Examining Clinical Experience Online

Dr Grace Nixon, Associate Professor Dani Tomlin, Dr Kelley Graydon, Patrick Bowers

Telehealth Education for Entry to Practice Health Professional Students

Dr Mark Merolli, Dr Daniel Capurro, Luke Davies, Dr Diego Lopez-Peralta, Professor Rodrigo Marino

Insights of Healthcare Students’ Digital Capabilities

Dr Kwang Meng Cham, Mary-Louise Edwards, Lisa Kruesi, Tania Celeste, Dr Trent Hennessey

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October 2021 
9.30am – 12:30pm both days via Zoom

Contact: Tim Beaumont | | 03 8344 1562