Amy Surkitt

Amy is a first year Doctor of Medicine student and recipient of a PSA Insurance Medical Scholarship.

As an undergraduate I was the first in my family to attend university. Studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine was a big step for me and coming from a farm in southwest Victoria made the lifestyle-adjustment even harder. On top of this, back home my Dad had shoulder surgeries and had to sell the farm as he was unable to work for over six months.

On behalf of myself and my parents, thank you for your incredible generosity.

“I struggle to put my gratitude into words.”

In my current volunteer work at Ronald McDonald House, I run an Arts and Crafts program for residents and I am excited to contribute more volunteer hours, thanks to your support. Similarly, I would love to get more involved in University of Melbourne clubs and societies. I was president of a club last year but the time-commitment was an issue. Now I can give more to a similar role, which will expand my skill set. This scholarship will alleviate huge financial stress for the duration of my degree and will award me more time to study. I am so very grateful.

“You have given me the opportunity to better myself as a future doctor and to commit to more volunteer work.”