12th Annual Holland Bloorview's Pursuit Awards

The Holland Bloorview's Annual Pursuit Awards recognise PhD students for their contributions to and achievements in childhood disability research.

Each year, some of the world’s top young minds apply to the prestigious competition, showcasing their research and its impact in pediatric disability.

There are three cash prizes awarded:

  • First place recipient: $3,000
  • Second place recipient: $2,000
  • Third place recipient: $1,000

For the research to be relevant it must be in the area of applied or clinical research in childhood disability.

Eligibility: Current PhD students (less than 6 months from completion), postdoctoral and recent graduates within one year of receiving their PhD.

Competition: The top 3 candidates will be invited to present their research at the annual pursuit Award Ceremony on 1 June 2022.

Deadline: The call for nominations is closes 15 April 2022.

More information: https://hollandbloorview.ca/research-education/bloorview-research-institute/awards-events/pursuit-award

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