Inspiring Stories - Senator Janet Rice

Senator Janet Rice was our guest on Inspiring Stories in June. It was a great conversation and if you missed it, you can watch the video or download the transcript below.

A prominent politician and Senator for the Australian Greens, Janet Rice is also a former Mayor, local Councillor, environmentalist and facilitator. Janet has been a passionate campaigner for justice, people, and the planet for more than thirty years. A climate scientist by training, she began her working life campaigning to protect our forests. Janet was part of the 1983 Franklin River Blockade, and a leader of the campaign that resulted in the creation of the Errinundra National Park in East Gippsland. Within a decade, she was a founding member of the Greens Party in Victoria.

As part of our Inspiring Stories speaker series, Janet  who spoke about her  career in politics and public life, and what keeps her connected and motivated. Don't miss it.

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