Indigenous Knowledge Seed Funding

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute (IKI) invites proposals for innovative, interdisciplinary research projects with a focus on Indigenous knowledge.

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute (IKI) aims to advance interdisciplinary research and engagement in Indigenous knowledge systems.

ndigenous knowledge, sometimes called traditional or local knowledge, refers to the understandings and practices developed by Indigenous peoples through thousands of years of experience. Indigenous knowledge systems are characteristically holistic, relational, and rooted in a strong and continuing connection with the land, sky and waters. The research project should address an identified need or gap in the field of Indigenous knowledge research.

All University of Melbourne researchers are eligible to apply for this seed funding opportunity for projects up to a maximum of $20,000. Further guidance on eligibility is detailed in the Seed Funding Information Pack.

Proposals will be assessed against five selection criteria:

  1. Advances research in Indigenous knowledges
  2. Commitment to partnership
  3. Feasibility and impact
  4. Interdisciplinarity
  5. ECR development

More information and to apply

For further information and to apply, see the funding page or attend an Information Session. IKI staff are available to assist you in your application and encourage you to contact Indigenous‐ to discuss your proposal before submitting an application.

Applications close at COB on Monday 12 September 2022.